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Japanese Name: 始皇帝
Romanized Name: "Shikōtei"
English Name: Shikoutei
First Appearance: Shaman King: Legacy of Spirits series
Occupations: Shaman
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: n/a
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Cavalry statue
English Name:
Meaning: n/a

Shikoutei in on'yomi (始皇帝, or Qin Shi Huang in pinyin) is the first emperor of unified China, being originally from the Kouga/Huanghe (黄河, lit. Yellow River) Civilization. Like other figures such as Jesus and Buddha, he is instead alternately portrayed as a shaman who appears in the Shaman King: Legacy of Spirits video game series.


Abilities and PowersEdit

With the machine's power, he is extremely powerful. It is implied he can take down Asakura Hao, but given their meeting was during Hao's first incarnation 1000 years ago, it is questionable if Shikoutei can defeat Hao in his current life. while drawing energy from both Tao Ren, Horohoro, and Ryu this would increase his strength, though he is still unable to defeat Yoh.



In the past, it was stated that 1,000 years ago, he met a shaman very similar to Yoh. He built an underground tomb to hide from him and the Great Spirit. During this time he created a machine that enabled him to drain Furyoku from other shamans to increase his power.

Shaman King: Legacy of SpiritsEdit

while He causes a rift in time while causing the Great Spirit to disappear. He then forms many apparitions of famous Chinese historical figures (ranging from Sanzang/Sanzō of Journey to the West and Zhuge Liang/Shokatsuryō A.K.A Kongming/Kōmei from The Three Kingdoms) as well as many of Yoh's friends to misguide Yoh but at the same time try to discover who was the culprit behind the huge mess. as the apparitions are later discovered to be Over Soul crystals manipulated by him, and thus are bound to his control despite having some form of free will.

meanwhile, He would reveal to Yoh his name and his motives as he possesses Zhuge Liang. after the fight, Zhuge Liang breaks free from his control and soon tells of what has happened to Yoh's friends and his friends they were captured. while Zhuge Liang, along with fellow Shu Kingdom comrades Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei who were all manipulated and created by Shikoutei and will disappear after giving their final words to Yoh.

while Shikoutei was weakened when Yoh finds the machine and frees the people trapped inside of it. soon afterward, Yoh finally defeats him in combat while Shikoutei finally dies to realize his own foolishness.



  • Shikoutei is the strongest enemy in the game, but only if Yoh does not free the shamans he has imprisoned to lower his power to a more reasonable level. Otherwise, he would be impossible to defeat as his high amount of HP and fairly damaging attacks will grind through much of the player's party.

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