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Shimamura Jōtarō (島村丈太郎 Shimamura Jōtarō), also known by his nickname Shimane Joe (島根のジョー Shimane no Jō), is a fictional character in the Shaman King Zero manga series. He was a Japanese civilian who was drafted into the Imperial Infantry during World War II.[1]


Jōtarō was a big fan of American music and even though jazz and swing music were quite popular, he stuck to country music. He and his fiancée Suzu would often have parties where he would sing and people would listen. However, around World War II, people began to see America as the enemy, which included the music that Joe loved. People called him a traitor and stopped coming to the parties.

When the war came, Jōtarō was drafted and he happily went as he had always dreamed of going to America. He proclaimed that he would turn the enemies into his friends and bring a lot of them home.[1] Though he initially thought he would go to America, he was instead sent to Manchuria where he met a young Tao Ching who called him a fool for wishing to find friends on the battlefield. He offered Ching to play him a song, but instead, Ching killed him and turned him into a Jiang Shi as a part of the Government Corpse Infantry.

Years later, Ching presented the living corpse of Jōtarō and the other 999 members of the Corps Infantry to his grandson Tao Ren as a gift for his 9th birthday and had him cut them up as a test.[2]

Asakura Yoh would eventually summon his spirit with the aid of his grandmother Asakura Kino. Using Hyōi Gattai with Jōtarō, Yoh played his songs on his father's guitar for the earthbound spirit of his fiancée Suzu and everyone gathered for her exorcism at Izumo Train Station and afterward both passed on to the afterlife.[1]

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