Shinden and Raiden
Shinden Raiden
Japanese Name: 震電 & 雷電
English Name:
Meaning: "Sleeping hall"
First Appearance: Flowers Chapter 2 (Manga)
Type: Seirei Class[1]
Reiryoku Level: n/a
Shaman: Asakura Luca
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: n/a

Shinden and Raiden (震電 & 雷電, Shinden & Raiden) are a pair of Komainu spirits and the guardian ghosts of Asakura Luca.


Shinden and Raiden are the spirits of a pair of dogs that the Branch Family once owned.[1]

Over Souls and AttacksEdit

O.S. Amaterasu FloatEdit

Amaterasu Float

O.S. Amaterasu Float

O.S. “Amaterasu Float” (O.S. 天照山車, Amaterasu)[2]

  • Shaman: Asakura Luca
  • O.S. Type: Weapon Type
  • Spirit Ally: Shinden and Raiden
  • Medium used: Star Wand

Description: Using her star wand, Luca creates a huge mechanical chariot, in the form of a shrine, pulled by her two wolf spirits, Shinden and Raiden. According to Yohane, the shrine itself is actually created by a third, unknown spirit. In its true form, called Mobile Shrine: Walking Amaterasu Float (歩行天照山車, Aruku Amaterasu) Luca is able to change Shinden and Raiden motorcycle like-forms into legs, turning the Over Soul into a walker.[3]

Despite its size and apparent speed, it was easily stopped by the defensive form of Asakura Hana's Over Soul. It is able to fire a beam that can dissolve Furyoku and by unknown means, it can also petrify spirits, rendering them useless in the process.


  • Amaterasu Kachiyumi (天照歩射): In its mobile form it performs a rapid stomping attack.
  • Mumumyo Kaikousen (無無明怪光線,Mysterious Annulment Beam): A beam attack from the eye of the Over Soul that is able to completely dissolve any Furyoku upon contact.

O.S. Big Zalim YamabokoEdit

Big Zalim

O.S. Big Zalim Yamaboko

O.S. “Big Zalim Yamaboko” (O.S. 明星山鉾, Biguzaremu)

Description: Using an unknown technique called Gion Gattai(祇園合体) Luca and Yohane are able to combine their Over Souls into one, given it the strength of Yohane's Tsukuyomi Lance and the speed of Luca's Amaterasu Float.


  • Kami no Tsue: Ama Yumi (神の杖 天射): A technique where the Over Soul jumps high into the air and performs a very strong piercing attack.


  • The Amaterasu Kachiyumi technique is named after a Shinto Archery Ritual.


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