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Shiva Sahasranama (シヴァ・サハスラナーマ) is a spirit of "SS" (Transcendental) God Level (超絶S S神クラス), and is one of the prime deities of Indian Mythology which is the "roots" of Gandhara according to Komeri.


At some point in the past, Gandhara was attacked and dissolved by Shiva with a shaman who heavily resembled Kado, and Sati Saigan was forced to follow the order of the attacker, as later pointed out by Tamamura Tamao and admitted by Sati as the reason she chose not to become the Shaman King by defeating Asakura Hao even though Gandhara could easily have done so.[1]

Later, Shiva followed Komeri, the only remaining member and the heir of Sati to Tokyo and attacked her, but was confronted by the staff of Funbari Onsen where Tamao asked Shiva to have a rest there. Although Shiva was against them, the god was actually amused by Tamao's high-leveled "Cloud" Technique and became fond of her, and told Komeri that this is the power required for the upcoming battles. Rather satisfied, Shiva stopped the assault but didn't accept Tamao's offer as he has an inn for himself. Shiva also noted that if Tamao's power increased even more, it would be a "disaster". [2]

Due to his overwhelming spiritual power level, Ichihara Ryuji instantly lost conscious when confronted the god, however Shiva noted that Ryuji "has a talent" as he "only" fainted, and Komeri noted that she would eventually die if she keeps staring at Shiva.

Oversouls and Attacks[]

Shiva is able to create additional arms and clones of himself at will.


Peak Curse Reflection (絶頂呪詛返し, lit. Zecchō Jusogaeshi)

Lion Sixteen Spears(獅子十六槍, lit. Shishi Jūrokusō)



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