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Siegfried (ジークフリート Jīkufurīto) is the Guardian Ghost of Ashil.


Not much is known about Siegfried, other than its O.S. form takes the appearance of a large black robot-like being, with a large glass mirror on its chest. It obeys Ashil's orders without question. The true form of its spirit is unknown.

Oversoul and Attacks[]

O.S. Siegfried[]

O.S. Siegfried


  • Shaman: Ashil
  • O.S. Type: Giant O.S.
  • Spirit Ally(s): Siegfried
  • Medium: Dirt

Description: The Over Soul takes the form of a giant mechanical robot with a huge mirror in the front. Siegfried's metal body can block any type of attack and can constantly regenerate from anything that harms its body using the earth it stands on. Its large frame allows for it to attack with powerful blows, and is quite fast, despite its size. With the mirror on its chest, it is able to send out a blinding flash of light to temporarily blind its foes. He also is shown being able to grow an extra pair of arms to attack with.


Siegfried regenerating itself.

  • Regeneration (再生, "Saisei"): Using the earth itself, Siegfried is able to regenerate any part of itself that is damaged or destroyed.

Siegfried using a bright flash of light.

  • Mirror Flash (ミラーフラッシュ, "Mirā Furasshu"): With the large Mirror on its chest, Siegfried is able to fire an intensely bright flash of light to blind its foes.

Anime/Manga Differences[]

Siegfried is a 2001 anime-only character and as such does not appear in the manga series.



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