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Silver Arms (シルバーアームズ Shirubā Āmuzu) are five animal spirits and the Guardian Ghosts of Silva.


Silva's mediums

The Silver Arms are five animal spirits who have trained and refined themselves for over five hundred years, in turn becoming divine spirits.[1] They each reside in one of five silver rings Silva has on his right hand, which function like Amidamaru's mortuary tablet. From these rings they can materialize for non-combat use.[2] During combat they reside in their respective animal part on Silva's clothes: eagle feathers, a turtle shell piece, a buffalo horn, a snake jawbone, and a coyote leg.[3] This strengthens Silva's Over Souls, similar to how the Futunomitama no Turugi strengthens Amidamaru's Over Soul.

Silver Wing

Silver Wing

Silva Wing (シルバーウイング Shirubā Uingu)

Voiced by: (Japanese) Masaaki Ōkura (2001), Takumu Miyazono (2021)

Silver Wing is the spirit of a bald eagle. His decisiveness and confidence make him the leader of Silva's five spirits. His defects are his quick temper and tendency to criticize. He was first seen commenting to Silva that human spirits, like Amidamaru, were weak and worthless.[1] Later on, while Asakura Yoh was using Hyōi-Gattai to hit Silva, he materialized as a shoulder guard and wings. When he appeared he mocked Yoh for being too weak to hit Silva. Silva can use this spirit to fly by integrating Silver Wing with the eagle feathers on his head.[2][3]

Silver Horn

Silver Horn

Silva Horn (シルバーホーン Shirubā Hōn)

Voiced by: (Japanese) Kanji Suzumori (2001), Takumu Miyazono (2021)

Silver Horn is the spirit of an American buffalo (American bison). He has quite a carefree and quiet personality. He first appeared on Silva's leg when he kicked Yoh. Usually while the other spirits are talking he seems to hesitate to speak. His main medium is a buffalo horn tied to Silva's right leg. When integrated with the horn, his head appears on Silva's right leg, giving Silva's kicks tremendous power.[2][3]

Silver Tail

Silver Tail

Silva Tail (シルバーテイル Shirubā Teiru)

Voiced by: (Japanese) Toshitaka Shimizu (2001), Takumu Miyazono (2021)

Silver Tail is the spirit of a coyote. He has a strong will power and a cool, collected Personally. He first appeared on Silva's leg after he had kicked Yoh off the hill and sped over to save him. His main medium is a coyote leg tied to Silva's left leg. When integrated, his head appears on Silva's left leg, greatly increasing his speed.[2][3]

Silver Rod

Silver Rod

Silva Rod (シルバーロッド Shirubā Roddo)

Voiced by: (Japanese) Yuka Komatsu (2001), Takumu Miyazono (2021)

Silva Rod is the spirit of a coral snake. Originally she was a poisonous snake, but now she has a pure and kindhearted personality, that forces her to care about worried or wounded people. She is very strong willed. Its main medium is the jaw of snake on Silva's right wrist. When used it can become like a whip. Silva uses this for long distance attacks.[2][3] In the anime because of its voice it can be confirmed to be the only female spirit amongst the five.

Silver Shield

Silver Shield

Silva Shield (シルバーシールド Shirubā Shīrudo)

Voiced by: (Japanese) Shinji Kawada (2001), Takumu Miyazono (2021)

Silver Shield is the spirit of a gopher tortoise. Among the five spirits, he is the one that inspires the others. He was first seen when Yoh tried to attack Silva for the first time. Using Silver Shield, and his silver ring as a medium, Silva deflected Yoh's Buddha strike. When Yoh tried to attack directly he materialized Silver Shield as a tortoise shield on his left arm. His main medium is a tortoise shield on Silva's left wrist.[2][3] He was the only who actually had a positive opinion on Yoh, and thought he could pass.

Silva's Oversoul and Attacks

O.S. Silver Arms

O.S. "Silver Arms" (O.S.シルバーアームズ O.S. Shirubā Āmuzu)

O.S. Silver Arms

  • Shaman: Silva of the Ten Patch Officiants
  • O.S. Type: Armor Type
  • Spirit Allies: 5 Animal Totems - Silver Wing, Rod, Shield, Horn, and Tail
  • Medium used: Eagle feathers, Turtle shell piece, Buffalo horn, Snake jawbone, and Coyote femur

Description: This is Silva's multiple spirit Over Soul which turns his five totems into armor. Each totem solidifies through their symbolic medium: feathers for Silver Wing; a snake jawbone for Silver Rod; a turtle shell piece for Silver Shield; a buffalo horn for Silver Horn; and a coyote femur for Silver Tail. Silva uses totem in each separate Over Soul, creating armor that is highly versatile.[3]

  • Silver Shield (シルバーシールド Shirubā Shīrudo): Silva's turtle totem. As an O.S., Silva Shield materializes over Silva's left forearm as a turtle-shaped shield. This O.S. provides protection for Silva. This is perhaps Silva's most deceptive O.S. as its simplistic appearance belays its true capability. The surface of the shield ripples when hit, absorbing and dispersing the impact of attacks, protecting Silva, and shattering the adversary's mode of attack.[2]
  • Silver Tail (シルバーテイル Shirubā Teiru): Silva's coyote totem. As an O.S., Silva Tail materializes over Silva's left leg as a coyote-faced grave. This O.S. enhances Silva's leg strength utilizing a minimal amount of Furyoku in bursts. This ability enables Silva to make extraordinary leaps and dashes; even in a single bound.[2]
  • Silver Wing (シルバーウイング Shirubā Uingu): Silva's eagle totem. As an O.S., Silva Wing materializes as winged armor over Silva's shoulders and back. This O.S. enables Silva's ability of flight. Offensively, the razor-sharp edge of the wings can tear a target to sunders.[2]
  • Silver Horn (シルバーホーン Shirubā Hōn): Silva's buffalo totem. As an O.S., Silva Horn materializes over Silva's right leg as a buffalo-faced grave. This O.S. multiplies the power of Silva's leg, thanks to the design of the grave. The buffalo face releases jets of furyoku from its 'nose' and 'mouth' generating tremendous power behind his kicks.[2]
  • Silver Rod (シルバーロッド Shirubā Roddo): Silva's snake totem. As an O.S., Silva Rod materializes over Silva's right forearm as a coiling, snake-shaped rod. This O.S. can be used by Silva to constrict targets and/or straighten into a piercing rod.[2]

O.S. Silver Arms V.2

Later on, after being brainwashed and strengthened by the Patch Song, Silva gains more Furyoku. Combined with his lack of hesitation, he can create a stronger O.S. Because he has lost his heart, as Yoh points out, he has materialized his various totems onto a higher plane.[4]

Silver Wing is now capable of cutting Lyserg Diethel's O.S. Mastema Dolkeem, and Silver Rod can make a hole in Yoh's Byakkou, which can prove to its strength since both Over Souls are armor types. Silver Tail is also faster than Chocolove McDonell's O.S. Jaguarman, which was otherwise thought to be the fastest O.S. at the time. His animal totems also become much bigger and gain a more robotic shape. Silver Rod is now big enough to wrap around Silva's entire arm and wrap around Lyserg's body, enabling it tocrush him like an anaconda. Silver Shield is big and strong enough to block Usui Horokeu's O.S. Nipopo Gauntlets and prevent freezing and Silver Horn is now materialized enough to attack with its horns.


  • Silver Horn: This is one of Silva's new attacks. By using his buffalo spirit Silva Horn on his leg, launching his knee into the air he can attack with the horns of Silva Horn and launch the opponent high into the air.
  • Silver Shield: His turtle totem is materialized enough to block any attack. In turn, Silva can now not only block an attack but also shatter the O.S. of the one hitting Silver Shield.

O.S. Totem Pole Cannon

O.S. "Totem Pole Cannon" (O.S.トーテムポール砲 O.S. Tōtemupōru-hō)

O.S. Totem Pole Cannon

Description: The Silva Arms are also capable of a special O.S. formation called "Totem Pole Cannon". However this formation is rarely used because of its considerable Furyoku consumption. This Over Soul is a totem pole composed of Silva's five spirits combining into a totem pole and then transforming into a cannon.[5]

  • Spiritual Fusion (Shousai Gattai, Spiritual Integration in the English anime): By dissolving his original Over Soul Silva makes his five spirits take the form of totem pole, standing upon one another with Silver Horn in the bottom Silver Tail standing on Silver Horn, Silver Shield attaching itself to the side of Silver Tail, Silver Rod wrapping itself around Silver Horn and Silver Tail, and Silver Wing resting on the body of Silver Rod. The five Silva Arms, then transform into mechanical components assembling into a powerful cannon, which fires the energy of all five spirits at once. This technique is basically just Hyōi-Gattai but instead of fusing his body with the spirits he fuse his spirits all together.
  • Silver Shield: Silva's turtle totem transforms into a mechanical version of its shield and attaches to the side of the barrel and works as a scope.
  • Silver Tail: Silva's coyote totem transforms into the mechanical barrel with its face on the bottom and attaches itself to Silver Horn
  • Silver Wing: Silva's eagle totem transform into a barrel with an eagle head and wings on the neck. It attaches itself to Silver Tail and becomes the head of the cannon. It is the only one of the five spirits who can talk while in this formation.[6]
  • Silver Horn: Silva's buffalo totem remains approximately the same becoming the foundation of the cannon.
  • Silver Rod: Silva's snake totem becomes mechanical and attaches to the top of the cannon connection all the other four parts


  • Totemic Soul Blast (トーテミックソウルブラスト Tōtemikku Souru Burasuto): By charging his Totem Pole Cannon with Furyoku, The head of Silver Wing opens its mouth and gather energy inside of it. When enough energy is charged it fires a strong ball of concentrated Furyoku at the opponent. In the anime it is revealed that the power of this attack depends on how much Furyoku is used. This attack was first seen used against Yoh, in his qualification match.[5]
  • Point-Blank Blast (0ゼロ距離射撃 Zero Kyori Shageki): A variation on the original Totemic Soul Blast, that is a testament to Silva's newly gained powers and fighting spirit, using O.S. Totem Pole Cannon V.2. It still fires a super dense spiritual energy shot but it is instead shot directly into an opponent at point-blank range. Unlike its predecessor it requires little to no charging time, while still regaining an extremely powerful blast. It has the power to easily shatter an armor Over Soul in a single hit. So far this attack has only been used against Yoh, in their fight in the Glacier Plant.[7]

O.S. Flesh and Blood Spear

O.S. Flesh and Blood Spear

O.S. "Flesh and Blood Spear" (O.S. 血肉の槍 O.S. Chiniku no Yari)

  • Shaman: Silva of the Ten Patch Officiants
  • O.S. Type: Weapon Type
  • Spirit Allies: 5 Animal Totems - Silver Wing, Rod, Shield, Horn, and Tail
  • Medium: Patch Handcraft Knife

Description: This Over Soul was created to challenge Yoh's O.S. Spirit of Sword Byakkou during their fight in the Glacier plant. Silver Tail and Silver Horn take positions as the left and right arms, respectively. Silver Wing, Rod, and Shield combine to create the spear portion of the O.S.

The true potential of this Over Soul was never shown as Silva was defeated and died moments after forming it.[8]

Alumi's Oversouls and Attacks

O.S. Patch Girl

O.S. "Patch Girl" (O.S. パッチガール O.S. Patchi Gāru)[9]

O.S. Patch Girl

  • Shaman: Alumi Niumbirch
  • O.S. Type: Armor Type
  • Spirit Allies: 5 Animal Totems - Silver Wing, Rod, Shield, Horn, and Tail
  • Medium: Unknown

Description: Alumi's Over Soul is the same as her father's as she creates an armor using the five totem spirits. Alumi does changes the position of Silver Shield and Silver Horn.

  • Silver Shield (シルバーシールド Shirubā Shīrudo): Alumi's Turtle Totem. As an O.S., Silva Shield materializes over Alumi's chest, but only his head is materialized. The shield can also be expanded and act like a mirror to reflect attacks.
  • Silver Tail (シルバーテイル Shirubā Teiru): Alumi's Coyote Totem. As an O.S., Silva Tail materializes his head over Alumi's leg with the right half on her right leg and the left half on her left leg. This Over Soul enables Alumi to move faster enough to get behind her opponent without the noticing.
  • Silver Wing (シルバーウイング Shirubā Uingu): Alumi's Eagle Totem. As an O.S., Silva Wing materializes as a helmet, that resembles an eagles beak, over Alumi's head and a pair of wings on Alumi's back. This O.S. enables Alumi's ability of flight.
  • Silver Horn (シルバーホーン Shirubā Hōn): Alumi's Buffalo Totem. As an O.S., Silva Horn materializes over Alumi's left arm as a large glove with two finger. The O.S. is able to transform into a square shaped buffalo head with a cattle catcher, that is powerful enough to break another O.S. Silver Horn is also able to turn into a shotgun that fires the special patch bean Goldva in Alumi's Setsubun Mode.
  • Silver Rod (シルバーロッド Shirubā Roddo): Alumi's Snake Totem. As an O.S., Silva Rod materializes coiling over Alumi's Arm and her head on Alumi's shoulder. The O.S. can be used as a whip, so that Alumi can catch her opponents by wrapping the whip around them.

Anime/Manga Difference

Due to massive changes between the 2001 anime series and the manga series, Silva's final Over Soul, the "O.S. Flesh and Blood Spear" was never seen in the 2001 series. Their personalities are also somewhat different in the anime: Silver Wing is more of a fast talker, Silver Rod is more mocking to Yoh, Silver Shield has a lower opinion on Yoh, as oppose to having to a positive one in the original manga, Silver Tail doesn't sound as wise as he does in the manga, and Silver Horn actually talks without any hesitation.


  • Each animal spirit has a specific number of blue triangle marks on its head. They correspond to the finger where its respective ring is located: Silver Shield has one triangle and its ring is located on Silva's thumb (first digit), Silver Tail has two for the index finger, Silver Wing has three for the middle finger, Silver Horn has four for the ring finger, and Silver Rod has five for the little finger.


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