Spirit of Thunder
Spirit of Thunder
Japanese Name: スピリット・オブ・サンダー
English Name: Spirit of Thunder
First Appearance: Chapter 256 (manga)
Type: Kami Class
Reiryoku Level: 330,000
Shaman: Tao Ren

The Spirit of Thunder (スピリット・オブ・サンダー, supiritto obu sanda) is one of the Five Grand Elemental Spirits (Godaiseirei), that was created by the Great Spirit itself. According to Lady Sati it belongs to Tao Ren


The Spirit of Thunder is one of five powerful elemental spirits known as the Grand Elemental Spirits (Godaiseirei), of the Patch Tribe. They are derived from the Great Spirit itself, and like it, constitute a collective of souls. They can be controlled by their respective Elemental Warrior, or a shaman of extraordinary power (like Asakura Hao). The power of the Godaiseirei is unmatched by any other spirit, except for maybe the Great Spirit itself.

According to Pascal Avaf, the Spirit of Thunder follows the way of Taoism.[1] Also according to the recent Kang Zeng Bang Data the Spirit of Thunder has the same abilities as the Spirit of Fire to become stronger, by consuming souls.[2]



After Patch Hao stole the Spirit of Fire it was hidden, by the Patch Tribe to avoid any other of the Grand Elemental Spirits to be stolen, within the depths of hell and guarded by Izanami, one of the four Kings of Hell.[3]

Oversouls and Attacks

O.S. Spirit of Thunder

O.S. Spirit of Thunder

O.S. Spirit of Thunder

O.S. Spirit of Thunder(O.S スピリット・オブ・サンダー)[4]

  • Shaman: Tao Ren
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Spirit of Thunder (Kami Class Spirit)
  • Medium: Unknown

Description: When Over Souled by Tao Ren it gains its entire body. In this form it is cabable of creating numerous black thunder clouds around itself to strike the opponent with lightning from many various directions. Its movements seem to follow that of Ren himself.


  • Jiu Long Bao Lei (九龍爆雷, Nine Dragon Exploding Thunder): Creating many black cumulonimbus clouds around itself and it's opponent, the Spirit of Thunder strikes the opponent with nine bolts of lightning. The lightning produced by this attack has a charge of 1,500,000,000KW and a voltage of 100,000,000V.[5]
  • Magnetic Field (磁場): By causing motion of the electric charges present within the electricity it produces, the Spirit of Thunder generates a large magnetic field centeralised upon its fist, to repel attacks and so shield itself and others from damage.[6]

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