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The Spirit of Wind (スピリット・オブ・ウィンド, "Supiritto Obu Uindo") is one of the Five Grand Elemental Spirits (Godaiseirei), that was created by the Great Spirit itself. According to Sati Saigan, it belongs to Chocolove McDonell.


The Spirit of Wind is one of the five powerful elemental spirits known as the Grand Elemental Spirits of the Patch Tribe. They are derived from the Great Spirit itself, and like it, constitute a collective of souls. They can be controlled by their respective Elemental Warrior, or a shaman of extraordinary power, like Asakura Hao. Their power is unmatched by any other spirit, except for the Great Spirit itself.

According to Pascal Avaf, The Spirit of Wind represent the Eagle, an Aztec symbol that slices the wind with its wings.[1]

After Patch Hao stole the Spirit of Fire it remains hidden along with the others, by the Patch Tribe to avoid any other of the Grand Elemental Spirits to be stolen too, within the depths of hell and guarded by Mephistopheles; one of the Four Kings of Hell. Before the finals of the Shaman Fights Sati Saigan and the Gandhara went to Hell to get the Five Elemental Spirits and deliver them to the Five Elemental Warriors.

Oversouls and Attacks[]

O.S. Spirit of Wind[]

O.S. Spirit of Wind

O.S. Spirit of Wind (O.S スピリット・オブ・ウィンド)

  • Shaman: Chocolove McDonell
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Spirit of Wind(Kami Class Spirit)
  • Medium: Air

Description: When Over Souled by Chocolove McDonell it gains its entire body. Its movements seem to follow that of Chocolove himself. In this form, the Spirit of Wind's winds is so strong that even the surroundings become its weapon by throwing it at the opponent.


  • God Breath Hurricane (ゴッドブレスハリケーン, "Goddo Buresu Harikēn"): Using its incredible speed, the Spirit of Wind can quickly attack the opponent from many directions, using the slicing wind itself and whatever debris is thrown away with the wind. The wind produced is so powerful its gust peaks at 120m/s, with a pressure of 900hPa. This attack's name is derived from the Indian "Wind God".[2]
  • Ice Age (氷河期アイスエイジ,"Aisu Eiji"): Combining its violent winds with the freezing colds of the Spirit of Rain, both spirits creates a violent freezing wind.[3]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

The Spirit of Wind does not appear in the anime series, as the Spirit of Fire appears to be a single, powerful, entity under the Patch's control rather than a member of this group, though it was mentioned that there were four other spirits worshiped by the Patch other than the Spirit of Fire.[4]


  • According to the Kang Zeng Bang Extras the Spirit of Wind has the same abilities as the Spirit of Fire to become stronger, by consuming souls.[5]


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