Spirit of the Sword
The Double Medium



Supiritto Obu Sōdo

Japan Air Date

April 24, 2002

English Air Date

January 21, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

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Explosive Over Souls
Battle of Gods

Spirit of the Sword (スピリットオブソード) is the 42nd episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Yoh and the others ask Mikihisa about Yoh and Hao's connection, a flashback is shown. In the flashback, Yoh's mother is seen pregnant with twins, from which one of them is Hao's reincarnation. As Yohmei prepares to kill one of the children, the Spirit of Fire appears, dodges Yohmei's attack and badly injures Mikihisa's face with his fire attack. before Hao and the Spirit of Fire leave, Hao states to Keiko that she has to raise the other half as well because he eventually might come for his body in the end. As everyone is feeling sorry for Yoh, Yoh says that nothing's going to change. As everyone is accepting the new situation, Chocolove isn't so sure about traveling with Hao's twin sibling. As Chocolove states that since Yoh is the half of Hao's body, Yoh is, in other words, Hao, he makes Ryu and Horohoro angry. As Yoh states that Chocolove is actually right and Hao is indeed his problem, not theirs, everyone is a bit shocked.

Then, the X-Laws appear. As Yoh and the others prepare for a fight, Lyserg shows himself and states that the X-Laws didn't come to fight, but to tell them that "Jeanne" just needs their powers. Meanwhile, Hao and Opacho are seen sensing that the X-Laws are doing "something". As Lyserg tries to convince Yoh and the others about Jeanne's road to justice, Yoh and the others state that they are not interested in the "savior" Jeanne. Meanwhile, Opacho is seen using his Over Soul to watch some other X-Laws who are preparing some kind of ritual with Jeanne. As they realize Opacho is watching, they destroy her Over Soul. Meanwhile, Lyserg is telling Yoh and the others about Jeanne's "Gate of Babylon", which is according to him the only way to defeat Hao. Then, Yoh states that he indeed doesn't like Hao, but they don't like the X-Laws either. As Lyserg states that then, the fact that Yoh is Hao cannot be changed, Yoh states that's true but he is still himself. As everyone then makes a stand for Yoh, Marco states that they'll die here. As the X-Laws attack everyone, everyone uses their Oversoul to match their opponents. As the X-Laws start mocking everyone about their dirty, with Hao's powers awakened, Oversoul's, everyone doesn't care and just start attacking the Archangels.

As Manta wonders why Yoh isn't fighting, Anna states that he is "waiting" for Amidamaru. As Marco realizes everyone is just trying to protect Yoh, he makes all the X-Laws attack Yoh, but everyone is able to dodge the attacks for Yoh. As Marco gets angry and together attacks Yoh again together with the other X-Laws, Yoh uses his new Oversoul, the spirit of the sword, to defeat all the Archangels at once. As the X-Laws are shocked, Marco orders them to leave. Later on, as everyone asks about Yoh's new move, Anna explains that Yoh fused Amidamaru in Harusame, and then fused the whole thing again in Futunomitama no Turugi to create Over Soul with a double medium. As everyone is happy, Mikihisa thinks back in the past. Then, a flashback is shown in where Mikihisa is seen with his face covered in bandages, stating that they're happy that the other child is alive. Mikihisa then states that Yoh is their hope.

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