Homing Pendulum Versatility Edit

While rereading the manga, I noticed that Lyserg can use his Homing Pendulum as a grapple (volume 10), make a net out of it (volume 12), and catch objects/people by wrapping the wire around them (volumes 22 & 31). Should we mention these uses? 18:59, July 25, 2011 (UTC)

Ancestor Spirit Edit

I wasn't aware that Morphine was involved with Lyserg's family, but when she was called an ancestor, does that mean that she was weilded by Lyserg's ancestors, or that she is literally an ancestor of the Diesel family?

P.S, sorry if this sounds stupid to you, haven't watched Shaman King since I was a child.

She was wielded by Lyserg's ancestors.  They've passed her down as an heirloom for the succeeding generations.
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