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The Tao Family Ancestors (道 (タオ) 家の先祖 Tao-ke no Senzo) are every single soul of the Tao Family who in the past two-thousand years did not pass on after their death.


Because of their deep hatred and thirst for revenge, the souls of the Tao Family never entered the afterlife and instead stayed in the world of the living.

When Tao Yúan became the head of the Tao Family he decided to gather all of the souls, of the Tao Dynasty, into an armor of memorial tablets worn by him all the time which allows him to form his "Dà Dào Wáng" Over Soul.[1]

Oversouls and Attacks[]

O.S. Dà Dào Wáng[]

Tao Yúan in his O.S. Dà Dào Wáng

O.S. "Dà Dào Wáng" (O.S. 大道王 (ダイドウオウ) Dai Dō Ō)[2]

Description: Tao Yúan's O.S. is an aggregation of all the ancestral souls of the Tao Dynasty over the past two millennia. For decades, Tao Yúan has lived in disguise as the "Dà Dào Wáng" Over Soul because of his mistrust of people. As the Dà Dào Wáng, the souls form into a huge and brutish behemoth. Around its arms and waist are belts of huge memorial tablets, containing what must be the remaining ancestral souls of the Tao dynasty. Tao Yúan operates this O.S. from the cockpit capsule hanging from the additional belt strip around his waist. Despite his size, Dà Dào Wáng is far from cumbersome and can move in an instance like a phantom. It would seem this Over Soul uses a minimum amount of Furyoku as he was able to use it constantly for so many years and could easily regenerate it, even after being shattered or cut to pieces.[1] Even after his true appearance was revealed, he still used the Over Soul, while sitting in the stands and cheering for Team "The Ren" during their first fight of the second rounds of the Shaman Tournament.[3]

O.S. Dà Dào Lóng[]

O.S. Dà Dào Lóng

O.S. "Dà Dào Lóng" (O.S. 大道竜 (ダイドウリュウ) Dai Dō Ryū)[4]

Description: As the Dà Dào Lóng, the ancestors' souls gather inside the Bâo-Lèi Sword and take the form of a huge, scaled, Shénlóng-like Chinese dragon complete with Tao Yúan's face (with his exaggerated mustache and beard) and four sets of claws.[1] After he failed to use it for an attack, Yúan was later seen using the dragon for transport, first while giving Ren the Bâo-Lèi Sword,[5] and later as a transport from the Patch Village to the military base where the Shaman Tournament would be held in Japan. It is unknown what medium he uses to create it after he gave Ren the Bâo-Lèi Sword.


  • Dai Chūka Rasen (大中華螺旋; lit. "Great Chinese Spiral"): This attack is made by giving the Dà Dào Lóng all of one's Furyoku, though Ren quickly shattered the O.S. which prevented the full extent of the attack being shown.[1]

Anime/Manga Differences[]

Yúan being visible in the cockpit of his O.S. Dà Dào Wáng is only shown when he cheers for Team "The Ren"[3] and in the Kang Zeng Bang Shaman File.,[6] but it is never shown in the anime series.

The anime series, expanded a scene, where, in the manga, Yúan was standing outside saddened after his defeat, alone, in the anime, the spirits of the Tao Family Ancestors appear and acknowledge his effort, while also acknowledging the beginning of a new era and that the Tao Family's future, is now in the hands of Ren.[7]


  • Despite not being seen at the full extent in the original manga & the anime series, the Dai Chūka Rasen can be executed in full in the video games, Legacy of Spirits and both Master of Spirits games.


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