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Tao Jun (道 潤タオ ジュン Dào Jun, Chinese pinyin: Dào Rùn) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. She is a Dàoshì from the Chinese Tao Family and the older sister of Tao Ren.

Sometime after the Shaman Tournament in the year 2000, she was made the Vice-President of her brother's company, the Leidi Group.[1]


Jun is a tall, slender young woman who has long pine green hair that is layered in length, spiked up, and is neatly clipped while her eyes are indigo. She wears a black and green cheongsam decorated with a golden dragon and a panda in the middle. The cheongsam had a high slit and she wears a garter that holds her talismans on her left leg. She is considered rather attractive.


Like Ren, she once thought that her Jiang Shi was only a tool to be used for the family's ambition. However, after facing Yoh, she soon changed her opinion.

Jun was taught by her father that her most important duty was to care for the Tao Family. Thus she heavily believes in Ren's abilities and will do almost anything to make him Shaman King. She is also very confident in herself and in her Jiang Shi Lee Pyron saying that as a Kung-Fu Master he would be more powerful than Amidamaru who was only a mere samurai.

Though later on since her changing viewpoints, Jun would have a much more mutual relationship with Pyron and would overall serve a much more supportive role to Yoh's group.

Abilities and Powers[]

As a Dàoshì, she can control Jiang Shi with the talismans that she writes on with her own blood and uses to give the corpses orders.[2] She also has knowledge of the human anatomy which in turn allows her to stitch up Pyron whenever he is cut to pieces,[3] and with it, she also becomes Sati Saigan's apprentice and later learns how to resurrect people.[4]


See More: Lee Pyron | Four Perils

Her guardian ghost is Lee Pyron, a Jiang Shi. He was once a famous movie actor, and also a Kung-Fu Master. He was murdered by Tao Ching,[5] and his reanimated corpse was given to Jun as a birthday present.[2] At first, he was merely a spirit bound to his own corpse and controlled by Jun's talisman, but later regained his own will and fought for Jun without the use of the talismans, thus allowing both of them to hone their power out of mutual sync.[6]

He was later turned into the prototype of a new Tao-Style Jiang, the power of science and the Over Soul working together, and several mechanisms and accessories were added to his body.[7] The pile bunker systems inside his arms allow him to crush even iron.[8]

In preparation for the Flower of Maize and the confrontation with the Dong Family, Jun inherits the Four Perils from her grandfather.[9]



Originating from Guizhou, China, she was born on October 10, 1981. Jun was raised by her father and taught that her most important duty was to care for the Tao Family. This led her to care a lot for her little brother, Ren.[10]

Coming to Tokyo[]

When Ren failed to acquire Amidamaru from Asakura Yoh, Jun was ordered by the Tao Family to come and help her younger brother. She first appears when Ryu and his gang have found another Best Place, which had recently been bought by Ren. After scaring Ryu and his gang away, Jun tells Ren why she has come and that it would be an easy thing to acquire the samurai spirit.

When she fought Amidamaru (integrated with Yoh), Lee Pyron did indeed have the upper hand. After Oyamada Manta gives Yoh Ryu's wooden sword, however, Amidamaru unleashes his Shockwave Buddha-Giri and destroys Lee's Fulu talisman from a range.

Shaman Fights in Tokyo[]

Jun is seen again when Ren is about to fight Yoh. She pleads with her father to release Ren from the family and allow him to follow his own ways. She explains what she has learned from her father, and that she knows that no matter what Ren does, he would lose. Because of this, her father becomes angry and ties her up in the dungeon to be punished. At the same time, he also cuts Pyron into several pieces.

Shaman Fights Second Round[]

Invading the Plants[]

After the barbecue Jun appears before Asakura Mikihisa and Brocken Meyer in distress and informs Mikihisa that she is unable to find either Redseb or Seyram, much to the shock of everyone present. After Gandhara returns she travels with everyone to the Continent of Mu; though in the end, they are too late as Hao awakens and violently kills them all. Jun later reappears on board the Soul Train together with the rest of her family and responds to her father in tears that Ren is the family's pride.[11]


In Paris Jun is shown in a bar along with Lee Pyron talking with her mother over the phone, revealing she had finished killing a group of people on behalf of the family. Jun is later seen at a café having a meeting with an unseen person on her computer, who mentions the news of an incident that had befallen the family, that Jun was unaware of. After promising Jun to investigate the matter, they are interrupted by Hang Zang-Ching and Bill Burton who is there to escort Jun home.[1]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

In the 4kids English version of the anime series she, like Ren and her cousins, speaks with a British accent. However in the 2021 reboot dubbed, Lisa Ortiz reprise her role as Jun but no longer maintain a British Accent.


  • Jun's first name literally means "moisture" or "richness".


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