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Tao Soumei (道黎冥タオ ソウメイ , Chinese pinyin: Dào Lí míng) is a fictional character in the Shaman King 2001 anime series. She is a member of the Tao Family.


Tao Soumei is a fairly tall young girl with short, above-shoulder length brown hair that ends in slight spiky curls, black eyes, and fair skin. She is commonly seen in a yellow vest with white fringes that has a green T-shirt beneath, dark green pants and white boots.


She and her brother, Tao Kyou are very similar. Like Kyou, Soumei is serious, aggressive and vengeful, as she, along with her brother, also had her guardian ghost ruthlessly attack Tao Jun and Lee Pyron until she was stopped by Tao Ren. In addition to this, she openly expressed her anger and contempt towards Ren when she thought that he betrayed her and her siblings, which only emphasized her vengeful demeanor.

However, despite her harsh personality, she, like her brother, also has a soft side, which is usually shown when speaking about Tao Ginny, their older sister. This is seen when she and Kyou tearfully and angrily state to Ren that their sister never had any sort of romantic relationship because she spent most of her time serving the Tao family. (In the English version, rather than crying about their sister's lack of romances, they instead cried that she never had the chance of making her dream of becoming a ballerina) This indicates that she cares greatly about her older sister and the latter's happiness.

It has also been shown that Soumei is somewhat afraid of being yelled at, as her tough demeanor momentarily faltered when Ren shouted at her and Kyou for attacking Jun. Thereby showing slight childish tendencies.

Abilities and Powers[]


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Anime/Manga Difference[]

Soumei is a 2001 anime-only character and as such does not appear in the manga series.


  • Like her siblings, as well as Tao Jun and Tao Ren, she was given a British accent in the English version of the 2001 anime series.
  • As a running gag, her brother frequently repeats phrases she uttered.


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