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Kabbalahers (KABBALAHERSカバラーズ Kabarāzu) is a team formed by Asakura Mikihisa and the Munzer siblings, Redseb and Seyrarm, during the second round of the Shaman Fight.


For the purposes of watching over his son, Asakura Yoh, and protecting the Munzer children, Redseb and Seyrarm, Mikihisa forms the Kabbalahers to enter the Shaman Fight.

For the Munzer children, their intention for joining the Shaman Fight is driven by the desire to find the shaman who killed their father, Dr. Camel Munzer. To this end, they pilot the Golem their father created;[1] however, they are apparently unaware that Mikihisa deliberately formed the team to ensure that the power of the Golem would not fall into the wrong hands.[2]

During the second round, Asakura Hao sends Team "Hana-Gumi" to collect the Munzer siblings so he can feed their souls to his Spirit of Fire.[3] This delays the Kabbalahers from attending their first match against Team "Mariachi".[4] Asakura Anna, Tao Jun, and Tamamura Tamao hold off Team "Hana-Gumi" long enough for Mikihisa to arrive and stop the witches. Magna then calls off the witches.[5] The Kabbalahers eventually reach the stadium and Mikihisa single-handedly wins the match.[6]

Mikihisa later withdraws the team before they can advance to the final round of the tournament.[7]


Team "Kabbalahers" e v
Asakura Mikihisa
(麻倉幹久 Asakura Mikihisa)
Asakura Mikihisa portrait.png
The leader of the team, Asakura Mikihisa is an ascetic from the Asakura Family and channels the mountain spirits Imari and Shigaraki.

After the Shaman Fight, he adopts his teammates.

Redseb Munzer portrait.png
Redseb Munzer
(ルドセブ・ミュンツァー Rudosebu Myuntsā)
A young boy from the Middle East, Redseb Munzer and his sister pilot the Golem that their father, Camel Munzer, created.
Seyrarm Munzer
(セイラーム・ミュンツァー Seirāmu Myuntsā)
Seyrarm Munzer portrait.png
A young girl from the Middle East, Seyrarm Munzer and her brother pilot the Golem that their father created.

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Team Kabbalahers does not appear in the 2001 anime.


  • The team's name comes from Kabbalah, a branch of Jewish mysticism. Golems and the sephirot are associated with Kabbalah.


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