Team "The Ren" (The れん,) is a team formed by Tao Ren during the second round of the Shaman Fights.

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During the 2nd round of the Shaman Tournament, it was mandatory to be in a team of three. After Lyserg Diethel leaves Yoh's group, the remaining shaman in the group are forced to split into two teams. Because Ryu initially insists on teaming up with the missing Lyserg, Ren immediately forms his own group with Usui Horokeu and Chocolove McDonell, as he would rather deal with a sure thing rather than wasting time on trying to find Lyserg.

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Team "The Ren"
Members: Tao Ren  •  Chocolove McDonell  •  Usui Horokeu
Spirits: Bason  •  Kororo  •  Mic the Jaguar  •  Pascal Avaf
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