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Ainu Elder
Ainu Elder He is an old wise man and the leader of the tribe.
Usui Lycan
Usui Rikan
Lycan is the father of Horokeu and Pirica. Apparently, he is the head of his tribe in Hokkaido and is also an office worker. [[Image:|200px|]]
Usui Horokeu
Usui Horokeu
[[Image:|200px|]] Better known as Horohoro, he's a young boy from Hokkaido, Japan. He is the son of Usui Lycan and the elder brother of Usui Pirica.
Usui Pirica
Usui Pirica
Pirica is the little sister of Horohoro, and the daughter of Usui Lycan. She's a shaman of the Ainu tribe. Her guardian ghost's name is Torara, a Morimo. Pirica anime
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