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Asakura Hao
Zeke Asakura
Onmyōdō Hao Asakura The fame and rise of the Asakura Family began with this man who, with his great power, brough wealth and fame to the family name. However after he tried to change the world to a shaman world only, the rest of his family turned against him and killed him.

He later reincarnated into the Patch Tribe but was killed again by Asakura Yohken. However he reincarnated again, but this time was his powers split into two, sharing it with his twin Asakura Yoh

Asakura Yohken
Asakura Yōken
Asakura Yohken 1 Asakura Yohken is the ancestor of the Asakura Family 500 years ago. He was born at the time of the Shaman Fight. Together with Matamune, a former cat friend of Onmyōdō Asakura Hao who had turned into a nekomata, he fought and killed the Hao who had reincarnated into the Patch Tribe.

However he was filled with guilt of having killed an ancestor of his own family, and was caught in hell for over 500 years.

He was first seen when Asakura Yoh came to train in hell, and fought him viciously hoping to get out of hell himself. After being defeated, he told Yoh about the family symbol and how it had changed and was later brought back as a spirit to live with the rest of the Asakura Family.[1][2]

Asakura Mikihisa
真木 幹久
Mikihisa Asakura Asakura Mikihisa(Maki before marriage with Asakura Keiko) is the husband of Asakura Keiko and the son in law of Asakura Yohmei and Asakura Kino.

He was once living on the street playing music for money where he met Keiko after her fiance had dumped her for her abilities to see ghosts. She paid him to play a song and Mikihisa was lovestruck in an instant. She somehow invited him back to her rented house and there their relationship bloomed.

After beeing married into the family he was trained as an Ascetic Monk and gained two mountain spirits. When he failed to stop Asakura Hao and took severe burn scars to his face, he began wearing a wooden mask to hide the scars and began to travel and climb the mountains in order to get rid of his shame.

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