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Asakura Yohmei
Asakura Yōmei
He is the current head of the Asakura Family who lives in the family inn in Izumo. He is the father of Asakura Keiko and the grandfather of Asakura Yoh.

He predicted when Hao was to be born by his own daughter and decided that he should be killed. However he would eventually learn that she would carry twins and he begin to have doubt. He would however still try to kill him, but hesitated and lost his chance.

He then raised the twin Asakura Yoh to become Shaman King and later send him to live in Tokyo to finish his training on his own.

Asakura Yohmei
Asakura Kino
Asakura Kino is the wife of Asakura Yohmei. She is a blind Itako and lives in the mountain, in Shimokita, in the Aomori prefecture, near Osorezan.

She runs what is ostensibly a traditional Japanese inn, the "Yasui Ryokan". In reality however, she uses the inn to house her apprentices, girls with Itako abillities like her.

She is the sensei of Kyōyama Anna and the grandmother of Asakura Yoh. It was she who found the, back then homeless and orphaned Anna, saw her talent and decided she was to be married with Yoh.

She has the same bad temper as her apprentice, and will often hit her husband, Asakura Yohmei, with her cane, each and every time he does something wrong, or says the wrong things.

Kino Asakura
Asakura Keiko
Keiko is the daughter of Asakura Kino and Asakura Yohmei. Because of her ability to see spirits every boyfriend she has had, has dumped her, even her fiance. It was then she met Mikihisa, a poor musician, at the train yard, and payed him to play her a song.

She would eventually invite him home, to her house, that was rented by her parents, and soon their love bloomed.

She would eventually come to pregnant, and her father predicted that Asakura Hao would reincarnate into that child. It was decided that he was to be killed right at birth, however when they learned that was she was to give birth to twins, Yohmei began to hesitate, something that was enough for Hao to escape. She would then, minutes later, give birth to Asakura Yoh the twin of Hao.

Keiko Asakura
Asakura Yoh
麻倉 葉[1]
Asakura Yō
Asakura Yoh is the son of Asakura Mikihisa and Keiko and the current heir to the Asakura family. He is a laid back and lazy person who wants to become Shaman King in order to have an easy life.

Ever since he was young has he be shunned because of his ability to see spirits..

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Asakura Hana
Asakura Hana is the protagonist of Funbari no Uta and Flowers. He is the son of Asakura Yoh and Asakura Anna, and is the second heir to the Asakura Family after his father. [[Image:|200px|]]
Asakura Munzer Redseb
Redseb Munzer is the son of Dr. Camel Munzer, the inventor of the Golem and a good friend of Mikihisa. After Dr. Munzer's death, he and his sister Seyram wind up in the care of Mikihisa, who forms Team "Kabbalahers" with them. He enters the Shaman Fight in hopes of avenging his father's death and restoring his sister's closed heart. At the end of the series, Redseb and Seyram are adopted into the Asakura family. [[Image:|200px|]]
Asakura Munzer Seyram
Seyram Munzer is Redseb's younger sister and the daughter of Dr. Munzer. When her father was killed, she closed her heart and rarely spoke again. She is the pilot of the Golem under the guidance of Redseb. Though she is generally solemn throughout most of the series, she is extremely protective of her brother and those she cares about. At the end of the series, she is adopted into the Asakura family along with her brother. [[Image:|200px|]]

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