e v X-II
John Denbat
Jon Denbatto
John Denbat A former member of the SAS, John Denbat is a part of Team "X-II". His angel is that of Archangel Raphael(アークエンジェル・ラファエル)

After the revelation that Jeanne was nothing more but an extremely strong shaman, Team X-II's attempts to kill Hao but fails. Denbat had prepared a test satellite in space wired to his Archangel with a laser known as XDI and fires the laser from Orbit at Hao and himself.

Both survive because Hao manage to shield them. He however reveals that all of them saw something forbidden and burns John's entire body and soul with his Amour Over Soul.

Porf Griffith
Pōfu Gurifisu
[[Image:|200px|]] Porf Griffith is a former Delta Force member and a sniper. He uses "Sword No-003" a sniper rifle as a medium for his angel, Archangel Sariel(アークエンジェル・サリエル).

After Team "X-II" defects and attempt to kill Hao, Porf is assigned to snipe him, but is distracted when he notices Hao's tears and is impaled by the Spirit of Fire as he is telling Denbat and Larch over the radio to flee.

Larch Dirac
Rāki Dirakku
Larch Anime Larch Diarc is a former Delta Force member. He uses Sword No-005, a bazooka as a medium for his angel, Archangel Uriel(アークエンジェル・ウリエル)

During his teams attempt to kill Hao on their own he hears Porf being killed by Hao through a radio transmission. Frightened, Larch tries to run, but is killed by Hao.

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