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Chris Venstar
Kurisu Bunsutā
Chris Venstar is a former american soldier and the leader of Team "X-III". He wields "Sword No-006" a small launcher, as a medium for his angel, Archangel Metatron(アークエンジェル・メタトロン). He served in the gulf war where he fought Hao and lost his legs.

In the Shaman Fights Venstar amd his team are killed by Hao and even though Venstar tries to kill Hao by using a grenade to burn out all the oxygen in arena, Hao survives using his Onmyōdō to temporarily change the Spirit of Fire into water.

Chris Venstar
Cebin Mendel
ケビン メンデル
Kebin Menderu
Cebin Mendel was once member of the Cobra Unit who sought revenge on Asakura Hao. He wields "Sword No-007" as a medium for his angel, Archangel Remiel(アークエンジェル・レミエル). He wears a mask to cover his disfigured face, caused by Hao burning it with the Spirit of Fire ten years prior to the Shaman Fight.

He is killed shortly after Meene, being crushed by his Archangel and burned by the Spirit of Fire. His spirit, alongside Venstar's and Meene's, were then eaten by the Spirit of Fire.

Cebin Mendel 1
Meene Montgomery
Miine Mongomeri
Meene Montgomery is a former member of the Canadian Special Forces and the only female member of the group, other then Iron Maiden Jeanne. She wields "Sword No-004", a small Luger, as a medium for her angel, Archangel Gabriel(アークエンジェル・ガブリエル) Meene gave up her promising military career and joined the X-Laws after learning her father had been killed by Hao.

In the Shaman Fight against Hao and his team, she was the first of her team to be killed, being impalaed by the Spirit of Fire.

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