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Luchist Lasso
X-Law Luchist Luchist Lasso is the founder of the X-Laws and was the one who raised Marco Lasso. He uses Sword No-000, which signifies that his Fallen Angel Lucifer(堕天使・ルシファー, Lucifel) was created before the other angels and is the most powerful of them.

After attacking Hao and loosing, Luchist began to believe Hao´s ideals and joined his cause.

Hans Reiheit
Hans reiheit Reiheit is the former weapons keeper of the X-Laws and was exiled for his violent behavior. When Oyamada Mansumi attacked the island where the Shaman Tournament was held, he hired Reiheit to be his bodyguard.

Reiheit is considered the most dangerous member of the X-Laws because of his spirit, the Fallen Angel Azazel(堕天使・アザゼル) that has a reiyouku level of 470,000, which is higher than the Spirit of Fire's reiyoku level of 300,000.

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