Thalim of the Ten Patch Officiants (タリム, "Tarimu") is a fictional character in the manga series of Shaman King. He is one of the Ten Patch Officiants who oversees the Shaman Fights and is later tasked to take care of a dinner on the island where the second round was held. He is also responsible for overseeing Team "Kabbalahers" and Team "Cowboys".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

An average build man, Thalim have long black hair that is tied in a long ponytail and wears a headband with small squares lined all around it. Like the rest of the Patch Officiants, he wears native American robes with black patterns on them and has a hexagon shaped silver plating on the chest of his robes.

While working at the Patch's Cafe, he wears a white dress shirt and black pants with a simple lime green tie that has several triangular figures on it. Around his waist he wears an apron with the writing "Patch's Cafe" on it.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Unlike most of the Patch Officiants,Thalim have a timid personality and is easily intimidated as he began to stutter at the smallest sign of hostility from Hao.[2] Despite his timid nature, he is still able to openly question Hao on his decision to have Sakutaro Sakurai, a human ghost, become Asakura Hana´s guardian ghost.[3]

While protecting his Plant of the Sea he seemed unhappy about the prospect of fighting, but was prepared to do it anyway, seeing as it was his duty.[4]

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

In battle, Thalim is very analytical and have tactics planed before engaging his opponents. When the Five Elemental Warriors invaded the plants, he had already prepared various ways to counter their respective elemental attacks.

Spirit[edit | edit source]

See More: Green Seeds

Green Seeds is not one but actually many small spirits of plants of varying species and they hardly consume any Furyoku. This helps Thalim be prepared for many situations such as using a tree to conduct Tao Ren's lightning and a flower that can survive freezing temperatures against Usui Horokeu's ice.

History[edit | edit source]

Shaman Fights Second Round[edit | edit source]

He was first seen in the Patch's Cafe serving an espresso and a cappuccino to Asakura Hao and Asakura Yoh. When Hao decided to leave, he asked Thalim for the bill and when he didn't recognize him, he also asked his name. Thalim, stuttering, introduced himself as one of the Patch officials. When Hao repeated the price of the bill, Thalim, frightened, said that it was the opening day and as a special offer, the first five customers drink for free.

Because of this, Yoh still paid Thalim a tip for the latte he made for him.

Invading the Plants[edit | edit source]

After Hao was announced the Shaman King and led by Lip and Rap to the Kings Sanctuary, Thalim went with Goldva and the other Nine Patch Officiants to guard the Plant of the Ocean.

After defeating Nichrom, Thalim watches this through the cameras placed in each plant. As the group reaches the 8th plant, Thalim greets them politely, remembering the tip Yoh gave earlier at the Patch Cafe, and they seemingly have a friendly conversation. Ren, is however unfazed by all of this and quickly oversouls his Armour Over Soul and attacks Thalim with "ElecBang" only to have it blocked by a gigantic tree that suddenly grows up around Thalim.[5] Thalim then reveals that Ren's lightning is largely ineffective against him as the tree would just disperse the electricity into the ground. After Horohoro also fails against Thalim plants, both Ren and Horohoro are tied up by Thalim's Climatic Oversoul.

Chocolove McDonell, however, steps up and battles him. Thalim unleashes Over Soul Rafflesia to combat Chocolove's enhanced sense of smell easily overwhelming his nose. Chocolove overcomes it by stabbing his claws into his nose forcing himself to smell blood instead of the flower. Thalim then uses his O.S. Great Impatiens Balsam to attack from every angle. Chocolove begins to think about the powers the five of them have gained from training in hell and reveals that he has yet to discover his power of wind.

Thalim's Over Soul crumbles

As Thalim fires the gigantic seeds at him, Chocolove disbands his Armor Over Soul and uses Pascal Avaf and Mic to Over Soul with the air itself as a medium and manipulates air currents literally eroding away all of Thalim's plants. Thalim reveals that he knew such an attack would most likely come and hoped to defeat Chocolove before he himself would realize it. Chocolove only chuckles and asks about his full strength and exclaims his turn to attack creating Ayers Rock one more time and ending the fight.[6]

He later appears, together with all the other Patch Priests, within the Great Spirit.[7]

Flowers[edit | edit source]

After Asakura Hana was sent to hell to train, Asakura Hao insisted that Thalim helped him. As such, Thalim appeared before Hana and Sakutaro Sakurai and invited them to Mini Asura Realm branch of the Patch Cafe.[8] There, served the pair coffee and explained to them the inner workings of the Great Spirit and the work, he and his fellow Patch Prists did for Hao, due to his many responsibilites. When Kamogawa Yosuke attacked the cafe, Thalim used Green Seeds to create a tree that protected him and Sakurai. After Hana was sent flying by Yosuke, Thalim considered interfering in the confrontation between Sakurai and Yosuke, but was stopped by Hao and Goldva and though Thalim tried to question Hao´s intentions for Sakurai, he was stopped by Goldva, who reminded him, that Hao´s will, as Shaman King, was absolute.

After the confrontation betwen Yosuke and Sakurai was over, Thalim was left alone, standing in the wreckage of the Patch Cafe. Kalim appeared, comforting Thalim, who was saddened by all the violence, Sakurai had to relive, while inside hell. Renim then revealed himself to havee been there all along and questioned what they should do with pyramid figure, left behind by Yosuke. All three of them was shocked, when 3 peeople, wearing armor and cloaks, appeared to claim the pyramid figure. The three of them is revealed by Renim to be their ancestors, responsible for the previous Shaman Fight. Their leader politely introduce himself as Thorim of the Knights Templars and reveals that they had recently opened a bar on the opposite coast, named Patcy Cat.[3]

Anime/Manga Difference[edit | edit source]

Thalim never makes any appearances in the anime series.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Due to the name similarity between the brothers Nichrome and Chrom, many people believe Thalim has family relations to Kalim.
  • Like the most of the Patch Tribe members are named after elements on the Periodic Table of Elements, Thalim is named after Thallium.

References[edit | edit source]

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