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The Big Guys (ビッグガイズ Biggu Gaizu) are the twenty-one spirits of Bill Burton's former football team who now serve under him as his Guardian Ghosts.


They are the twenty-one members of Bill Burton's former football team called the "The Big Guys". When Bill refused to give an autograph, a fan cut the brakes of their bus killing all of them but Bill in an accident. Their spirits continued to follow Bill around after the accident as if they were still a football team.[3]

Oversoul and Attacks[]

O.S. Football Team[]

O.S. Football Team


  • Shaman: Bill Burton
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: The Big Guys (human ghosts)
  • Medium used: Football

Description: By using his football, Bill is able to Over Soul all twenty-one members of his former team. When Over Souled, they all work together in perfect tandem, following the orders of Bill, and attack people using plays and moves typically used as if they were playing a football game.


  • Big Touchdown (ビッグタッチダウン Biggu Tatchidaun): Bill and his guardian ghosts tackle their opponent. This was first shown when Bill tried to faced the X-Laws but he was defeated before it could hit them.[4]
  • Steel Curtain (スチールカーテン, Suchī Rukāten): An anime only attack. Bill has his team create a wall that surrounds his opponent, and his teammates prevent the opponent from exiting the wall. This was used against Asakura Yoh to prevent him from interfering with Ashil's fight with Yoh's friends.
  • Blitzkrieg Blitz (ブリッツクリークブリッツ, Burittsukurīku Burittsu):

Anime/Manga Differences[]

The Big Guys in the 2001 anime series.

Unnamed O.S.

Bill's Unnamed O.S in the 2001 anime series

  • Shaman:Bill Burton
  • O.S. Type: Giant Type
  • Spirit Ally: The Big Guys (Human Ghosts)
  • Medium used: Himself

Description: By using himself, Bill turns into a red giant with bullhorns. However, Bill couldn't control his new powered up Furyoku and his body couldn't handle it. This would end up killing him in the progress (being "knocked out" in the English anime series).


  • Guest Touchdown: (ゲストタッチダウン,Gesuto Tatchidaun): Bill would tackle his opponent. This was used against Tao Ren.



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