The Boy from the North
Northern Boarder



Kita no Kuni kara kita Shōnen

Japan Air Date

August 29, 2001

English Air Date

August 28, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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The Boy from the North(北の国から来た少年) is the 9th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Yoh and Manta walk home, they find a snowman and an unconscious guy on the way. Yoh wakes him up with a piece of meat and they take him to Yoh's house. After the guy eats some food, Ryu states that he is very suspicious. But Yoh says that he is not a bad person as the guy can see the spirit of the previous owner of Yoh's house when he is in the bathroom. Later on, the shaman introduces himself as "Horohoro", which Yoh finds it as a funny name. After the rest introduces themselves, Horohore tells them that he came to Tokyo by hitchhiking and selling stuff but when he arrived in Tokyo, his belongings were stolen. Yoh then tells Horohoro that he can stay at his house until he finds his belongings again. Then Anna shows up and states that Horohoro can only stay if he obeys her "orders". As Horohoro states to Yoh that "his sister" seems very strict, Anna tells him that she is Yoh's fiancée. This leaves Horohoro amazed because he doesn't even have a girlfriend yet. 

Later on, as Horohoro is seen secretly freezing a water drop, Yoh asks him to come and search for his belongings together. As they go downtown and Manta asks Horohoro why he came to Tokyo, Horohoro states that he came to fulfill a big dream. Later on, Horohoro tells Yoh and Manta about Koropokkuru spirits and tells them that humans should live in balance with nature. Horohoro then states that it's his dream to create a vast land filled with coltsfoot and a habitat for the Koropokkuru spirits. As Manta asks Horohoro how he wants to make his dream come true, Horohoro states that they won't understand even if he explained. 

Later on, Yoh is busy with his training as Horohoro has to do the household. As Yoh and Horohoro are exhausted later, Anna mocks them for being weak. As Yoh, Manta and Ryu ask Anna why she is going so hard on Horohoro, she tells them that he is a Shaman and that the only reason to come to Tokyo at this time, is the Shaman Fight. Yoh then states that he already knew and then Amidamaru shows up to tell them that he was not able to confirm Horohoro's spirit's true form just yet. Then after Ryu runs into the room and tells them that Horohoro is gone, Amidamaru senses that Horohoro is somewhere outside. Then Horohoro is seen confronting some Jiang Shi's, with Hyoi-Gattai in his snowboard. As Yoh and the others show up, Horohoro protects Ryu from receiving a deadly blow from one of the Jiang Shi's. Yoh then uses Hyoi Gattai with Amidamaru and together with Horohoro, who is surprised Yoh is a Shaman as well, he defeats all the Jiang Shi's. During the fight, Horohoro's spirit, Kororo is seen. Horohoro then defeats the Jiang Shi's. using his Kau Kau Fri Wenfu attack, leaving Ryu amazed. As Horohoro suspects the Jiang Shi's from stealing his belongings, Yoh and the others tell him that the Jiang Shi's. where after Yoh for a long time now. As Horohoro has no clue where his belongings are, they went to the police department where Horohoro's belongings were taken into custody because they were on the street interfering with the traffic.

as Horohoro leaves the scene and then he tells Yoh they well meet again at the Shaman Fight. Later on, as Yoh and the others get home, they find Horohoro in the living room. As Anna asks him what he is doing here, he says that he figured he had nowhere to go so he could stay for a few more days. This makes Anna pretty angry.

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