The Dead Spirit of Tao
Family Feud

道 タオ の亡霊


Tao no Bōrei

Japan Air Date

May 22, 2002

English Air Date

January 27, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

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The Dead Spirit of Tao (道 タオ の亡霊) is the 46th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As the Shaman Fight has started, Yoh and the others wittiness a fight between some Shamans and one of Hao's teams, Team "Tsuki-Gumi". As Anna is buying souvenirs in a store, Jun notices that two people are following them. As Jun and Lee Pyron go for a walk, they get ambushed by two kids, who attack them with Jiang Shi's. Meanwhile, Yoh and the others are talking about the strength of Hao's team that they've witnessed. Then, they start talking about thinking of a strategy to use in the Shaman Fight. As Ren states that he won't lose to anyone, Ponchi and Conchi show up and state that they've got a problem.

Meanwhile, Lee Pyron is fighting the two Jiang Shi. As the Jiang Shi keep on attacking, the two kids state that everyone in the Tao Family should just die. Then, Yoh and the others show up. As Ren dodges the Jiang Shi, Ginny shows up and states that they were betrayed because of Ren. As Ginny states that because Ren ran away from his responsibilities, all of their work became meaningless. At that moment, Team "The Ren"'s first Shaman Fight opponent is decided, Team "Noroshi". Incidentally, Team "Noroshi" consists of Ginny, Soumei and Kyou. Later on, Jun feels sorry for Ginny and states that she is worried about Ren. 

The next day, Ren states to Horohoro and Chocolove that they only need to watch. While Yoh and the others are watching, Yoh states to Jun that Ren knows what he's doing. As the fight begins, Ginny tries to make Ren angry. As the Jiang Shi's attack Ren immediately after the fight has started, Ren takes multiple hits. As Ginny asks Ren why he doesn't attack, Ren states that he'll take it all. As Ginny gets angry and attacks Ren again, Ren takes even more hits. Then, Ren apologizes for making them hate him. Then, Ren uses his Big Over Soul and manages to defeat the Jiang Shi's easily. As Ren and Ginny clash, Ginny states that the pride of the Tao Family hasn't been lost. Then, Kalim of the 10 Patch Officiants declares Team "The Ren" as the winner of the fight. As Ren walks up to Yoh and states that he has to polish his Spirit of Sword, he collapses from exhaustion.

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