The Eighth Angel



Hachi-Banme no Tensh

Japan Air Date

July 17, 2002

English Air Date

February 4, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

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The Eighth Angel(8番目の天使) is the 54th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Yoh and the others attend the Shaman Fight between Team "X-I" and one of Hao's teams, which is about to start, Hao is seen asking Team "Fudomyou" to become his allies. As Gekkou and Nikkou about to attack Hao and his allies for being arrogant. Mohamed Tabarsi and Hang Zang-Ching suddenly appear behind them and kill Gekkou and Nikkou. As Fudou gets furious and then attacks Hao head-on, but the Spirit of Fire blocks all the attacks and burns Fudou to his soul and then eat his soul off-screen. As Opacho states that another team has won, Team "X-I" is seen standing alongside the opponents they've just defeated. As Luchist asks what they should do about them, Hao orders to let them be.

As Marco tries to kill his opponents, Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants stops him and comments that the match is already over. As Lyserg and Marco then passes by Yoh and the others, Yoh states that they don't look very happy. This upsets Lyserg. Later on as Ryu is still sad about Lyserg's choice, Yoh, and the others talk about the path that Lyserg has chosen. Meanwhile, Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants and Kalim of the 10 Patch Officiants have a conversation about the allowance of killing in the Shaman Fights. Later on, the X-Laws is seen performing a weird ritual. As Lyserg wonders if he gets an Archangel as well, he asks Marco if he can join them on their journey instead of staying behind to protect Jeanne. As Marco says no and leaves, Lyserg states that he has to defeat "him".

Later on, the X-Laws are talking about Lyserg. As the others members think Lyserg is ready, Marco states that he is still too naive. Then, Lyserg is seen leaving Jeanne's place. As he starts running, he doesn't notice that Morphine doesn't go after him. The next day, Ryu is still depressed that Lyserg is so far away. As Yoh offers to go and look for him, Morphine shows up and takes Yoh and the others along. Meanwhile, the X-Laws are standing face-to-face with the team that Marco and Lyserg defeated earlier. As they prepare to fight, Lyserg shows up and states that he wants to fight. As Lyserg and Hao's allies attack each other, Lyserg realities that Morphine is gone. As the X-Laws then protect Lyserg and kill the opponents, Morphine shows up together with Yoh and the others. Lyserg then gets angry at Morphine and Yoh for coming over. As Yoh asks Lyserg what he is going to do, Lyserg turns around and leaves together with the X-Laws, leaving Morpine behind. As Lyserg leaves his medium behind as well, Morpine flies away in shock. Later on, Lyserg is seen receiving his angel from Jeanne. As Lyserg grabs the gun, he meets his archangel, Zelel. Then, Marco tells Lyserg that they plan to kill Hao and Yoh with the Gate of Babylon. Then, Hao is seen stating that something is about to start. Meanwhile, Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants is seen asking Goldva what the Great Spirit is thinking.

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  • in the English version of the episode. Hao mentions a movie to Fudou, that his team were catching all the shamans guardian ghosts

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