Tao Yúan 3
The Invincible Tao Yúan
A New Dynasty



Fujimi no Tao En

Japan Air Date

December 12, 2001

English Air Date

December 11, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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A Shaman's Journey

The Invincible Tao Yúan(不死身の道円) is the 24th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Ren attacks Tao Yúan, he seems to hit him but suddenly Tao Yúan disappears and appears again at another spot. Tao Yúan then grabs Ren and throws him against the wall. As Horohoro attacks Tao Yúan, the same happens and he gets smashed to the ground. As Ryu attacks and thinks he hit Tao Yúan, he comes falling out of the air all of a sudden and crushes Ryu. As Tao Yúan defeats Lee Pyron as well, he states that Ren became weak because he cared for others now. As Tao Yúan gets angry and starts attacking Yoh, Ren is able to save him by stabbing his father. As Ren cuts off his father's head, his father's body beats him to the ground again. As Tao Yúan wants to kill Ren, Yoh is able to block the attack but takes another blow himself.

As Ren makes a stand together with everybody, the symbol on his back finally disappears. As everyone attacks Tao Yúan, Ren is able to hit him with a Chuuka Zanmai attack. As Ren attacks his father again, it's revealed that the big Tao Yúan they where fighting, was, in fact, Tao Yúan's Over Soul. As his Oversoul has been disappeared, the "real" Tao Yúan shows himself. Tao Yúan then tells about the Tao Family's history, and how they were detested and kicked out of the capital. As Tao Yúan tells his son Ren that he should not forget about their history, Ren states that he is indeed a member of the family, but also that he is his own self. As Tao Yúan attacks with all his Furyoku, Ren is able to defeat his father with his big Oversoul. As Tao Yúan states that it's not over yet, just then Ren's mother and grandfather show up and state that the fights are already done. 

Later on, everyone is enjoying a very nice Chinese meal together. Meanwhile, Tao Yúan is outside wondering about what happened and thinking about Ren's choices. Later on, as Yoh and the others are traveling back, Ren is seen traveling by himself. As Ren is riding his horse, his father shows up and gives him Bâo-Lèi Sword, a sword that has been passed down to the Tao Family from generations. later Tao Yúan then wishes his son Ren good luck.

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