The Legend of Seminoa
Five Great Chiefs



Seminoa no denshōka

Japan Air Date

March 27, 2002

English Air Date

January 17, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

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The Legend of Seminoa(セミノアの伝承歌) is the 38th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


While AnnaManta and Tamao are still at the airport, Anna tells Manta that she invited Faust VIII to join Yoh because of his "pure heart". Then, they bump into Jun and Lee Pyron, who came to America to see how Ren is doing. Then, Anna calls on Billy to give them a ride to the town where Yoh and the others should be. Meanwhile, Chocolove tells Yoh and the others about the people of Seminoa, who know about Patch Village. As they hear screaming of terror from the Lily Five comes running across, Chocolove states that they come from the house where a descendant of the people of Seminoa lives. As Yoh and the others go to the house and enter, they meet with Lilirara of the Seminoa. Lilirara then tells Yoh and the others not to trust the Patch Tribe because 500 years ago, the Shaman Fight ended in a tragedy because of them. Lilirara then asks Yoh and the others if they are ready to experience what happened 500 years ago and then attacks Yoh and the others with her Over Soul. Lilirara then takes Yoh and the others 500 years back in a Vision. In the flashback, Lilirara shows Yoh and the others that the Seminoa warriors participated in the Shaman Fight, but were killed by a Patch Tribe member who looks very similar to Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants

As Yoh and the others are back from the Vision, they all noticed that the Patch Tribe member used the Spirit of Fire to kill the Seminoa warriors, making them realize that it was Patch Hao who killed the warriors. As Yoh and the others tell Lilirara about Hao, she gets worried about the Siminoa legend being a reality. Yoh then asks Lilirara to let them experience the Vision more times in order to find clues about Patch Village. As Yoh and the others are exhausted but still asks Lilirara to let them see the Vision once again, she states that they never learn and that it's dangerous. Yoh and the others then start a fight with Lilirara's spirits and send them to Heaven and free Lilirara from the memories of the past. As the spirits pass onto the afterlife, they tell Yoh and the others the directions about Patch Village. As Lilirara wonders about that her mission should've been to stop Shamans from going to the Patch Village, Yoh tells her that it was the exact opposite and thanks to her. As Yoh and the others are about to leave, Lilirara asks them why they want to become Shaman King, then they tell her that they have their dreams to hold on to, making Lilirara smile.

Later on, Anna and the others are seen arriving at the wrong town.

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