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The Shaman Fight Ends?(シャーマンファイト終了?) is the 57th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Hao and his followers meet with each other, Peyote thanks Hao for letting him join him, even though he lost to Yoh in a fight. Then, Zinc of the 10 Patch Officiants and Nichrom of the 10 Patch Officiants show up and bow for Hao. As Hao tells Zinc of the 10 Patch Officiants to lead them the way, Nichrom of the 10 Patch Officiants tells Hao that he has a gift for him. Then, a young Chocolove is seen running away from the Spirit of Fire together with his master, Orona. As the Spirit of Fire burns Orona, Hao is seen staring at Chocolove. Then, Chocolove gets waken up by Tamao, making him realize that it was only a dream. As Chocolove asks where everyone is, Tamao tells them that Anna and the others went looking for them. Meanwhile, the X-Laws are panicking because Jeanne doesn't open her eyes. As Marco screams in horror for a doctor, Faust VIII shows up and runs towards Jeanne. As the X-Laws want to attack Faust VIII, they get stopped by Eliza while Faust VIII states that he will do what he can.

Meanwhile, Ryu finds Lyserg. As Ryu asks Lyserg is he is crying for Yoh and the others, Lyserg screams that he is one of the X-Laws and the only thing he cares about at the moment is Jeanne. As Ryu leaves, Meene walks up to Lyserg and states that it's better if he goes home. As Morphine shows up and Meene walks away from him, Lyserg walks away but tells Morphine not to follow him. Meanwhile, Goldva is seen stating to all the Patch Officiants that everything is the will of the Great Spirit. Then, Hao shows up, grabs Goldva and asks where the Path to the Holy Ground of the Stars is. As Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants states that only the Shaman King can go there, Hao attacks all the Patch Officiants. Then, Mikihisa shows up. Meanwhile, as Anna and Manta are searching for Yoh and the others, they find Morphine. Meanwhile, Horohoro and Pirica are eating some food along a road. As they are inspecting the Oracle Bell, they find all the Shamans in the Shaman Fight and their Furyoku levels. As Horohoro feels amazing for having 9.000 Furyoku level, he gets shocked about Hao's Furyoku level. Then, Pirica asks Horohoro to go home.

Meanwhile, Mikihisa states that Hao has gone to far this time. As Hao pierces Mikihisa, he quickly shows up somewhere else. Meanwhile, Ren is with Jun. As Nichrom of the 10 Patch Officiants shows up and asks him to join Hao because he can make him strong enough to defeat Hao, Ren gets angry. As Chocolove and Faust VIII then show up, Ren gets even more angry. Meanwhile, Ryu finds Horohoro and Pirica. As Ryu wants to take Horohoro back to Yoh and the others, Pirika states that she wants to go home with him, but Horohoro decides to go with Ryu. Meanwhile, Anna and Manta find Yoh. Later on, Yoh tells Anna that Hao has no intention to become Shaman King at all. Yoh then states that he doesn't want Hao to kill anyone anymore. Anna then orders him to go and defeat Hao soon. Then, everyone else shows up and they reunited with each other. Meanwhile, Mikihisa has fallen on his knees and his spirits get eaten by the Spirit of Fire. As Hao's followers tell him that they found the Path to the Holy Ground of the Stars, Hao burns Mikihisa's legs. As Hao leaves, he tells Mikihisa to tell Yoh that everything will be decided at the ground of the Great Spirit. Later on, the Patch Officiants and Yoh and the others are together. As Pirika asks if the Furyoku levels are realistic, Goldva states that Hao's Furyoku level is indeed over 1.250.000. As everyone is shocked and wonders if they will ever have a chance against him, Goldva states once again that it's the will of the Great Spirits. Then, Yoh asks Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants to guide them to the Holy Ground of the Great Spirit. Later on, Ren asks Yoh to have a fight so see who is the strongest between them, shocking Yoh and the others.

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Anime Notes[]

  • The Konami Code makes an appearance on Horohoro's Oracle Bell as he inputs it while looking up all the information on all the competitors in the Shaman Fight.

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