The Star that Signals the Beginning
A New Shaman



Hajimari wo Tsugeru Hosh

Japan Air Date

September 19, 2001

English Air Date

September 18, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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Rain That Falls In Spring
Over Soul (episode)

The Star that Signals the Beginning (始まりを告げる星) is the 12th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Ryu's gang stays at Yoh's house waiting for Ryu to recover soon, Anna states that Ryu won't wake up soon since he has been possessed for so long. As Yoh and Anna find it strange that Tokageroh was able to takeover Ryu's body completely, Horohoro is coming out of the bathroom and gets badly hit by Anna for still being in their house. As Amidamaru is seen thinking about the fact that he broken the Harusame, as Ryu wakes up. Ryu then apologizes for what happened, but Yoh tells him that it wasn't his blame since he was being possessed. As Ryu apologizes to Amidamaru as well, everybody is shocked by the fact that Ryu can see Amidamaru in the first place. Anna then states that being possessed by Tokageroh has awakened Ryu's Shamanic abilities. As Ryu's gang is happy for Ryu, Ryu gets really mad and then says that there is no time to celebrate now. Later on, Ryu does the housework in order to make up for his actions. Ryu's gang is then seen thinking of ways to cheer Ryu up and they come to the conclusion that girls can make him feel better. As the gang goes in downtown to find some girls, they all get badly rejected. 

Later on, as Ryu is in the bathhouse taking a break, his gang walks in dressed like girls, make matters worst shocking Ryu. Later on, as they all relax in the bathhouse together, Ryu tells them that he does not plan on coming to Yoh's house anymore and he wants to give up on his training. Later Yoh and Anna suggest to Ryu that Anna calls Mosuke in order to repair the Harusame. As Ryu is prepared to do anything to help, Anna summons Mosuke and merges him with Ryu. As Mosuke has merged with Ryu and Amidamaru with Yoh, Mosuke gets angry at Amidamaru for breaking one of his swords again. After they punched each other, a flashback is shown in where a young Amidamaru and Mosuke hang out together. meanwhile, Mosuke then uses Ryu's body to repair the broken Harusame for Amidamaru. 

Later on, as the Harusame is being repaired, Amidamaru thanks Ryu for helping out. Ryu then states that he shouldn't thank him because he himself was the one that was saved. Ryu also comments that being a Shaman is the best. As Yoh gives the revived the repaired Harusame to Ryu, he tells him to go and return to the museum. After Ryu agrees, meanwhile a mysterious man is seen on the roof of Yoh's house. The mysterious man then throws three bird feathers towards Yoh. The feathers then turn into spirits. As Ryu wants to give Yoh, the Harusame to fight, Yoh refuses to take the sword and states that this is the perfect moment to test the "other" Harusame. Anna then throws the sword to Manta, who finds out that it's very light and finds out that the sword has no blade. As Yoh states that he should just watch closely, then he uses Hyoi Gattai and takes the sword. When Yoh, who merged with Amidamaru, grabs the sword, a spiritual blade is formed that looks exactly like Harusame. After Yoh defeats the three spirits, Amidamaru states that the sword feels the same as the Harusame as well. As Horohoro wonders shocked what it was going on, Anna and Yoh state that the mysterious man was Mikihisa, Yoh's father. As Yoh wonders why he came, Mikihisa is seen stating that this is only the beginning for his son.

Later that night, Ryu and his gang say their goodbyes to Yoh and the others and tell them that they are going to ride by themselves for a while after they take Manta home. As Ryu tells them he is going on ahead, his gang tells Manta that he won't be coming at Yoh's place for a while but that he has not given up on his dream yet. Later, Ryu is seen driving while he sees a big shooting star. As he wonders why it's so big, later Mikihisa appears and tells him that the star is called "Ragoh". As Ryu is shocked surprised, Mikihisa later asks Ryu is he still wants to become a Shaman. meanwhile, Yoh, Horohoro, Manta, and Anna are seen witnessing "Ragoh". As Manta asks Yoh what "Ragoh" is, Yoh tells him that it's the star that signals the beginning of the Shaman Fight.

Later on, Tao Ren is seen talking to his older sister Tao Jun that the star has a brilliant light.

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