The Stolen Oracle Bell
Oracle Bell Down



Ubawareta Orakuru Beru

Japan Air Date

January 30, 2002

English Air Date

January 5, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Trust You

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The Stolen Oracle Bell(うばわれたオラクルベル) is the 30th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Yoh and the others are traveling on, Lyserg apologizes for not being able to locate Patch Village. meanwhile, Sharona and Millie are seen getting into a fight over their food. Millie then states that she hates everyone and runs away. Meanwhile, a mysterious guy is seen spying on Millie while stating that he finally found an Oracle Bell. Later on, Millie bumps into the mysterious guy who introduces himself as Krysler. After he is able to capture Millie, he steals her Oracle Bell in order to participate in the Shaman Fight himself. Later on, Millie is found by Yoh and the others, who set her free while she tells them that her Oracle Bell was stolen by Krysler. As they come to the conclusion that without your Oracle Bell, one is not able to participate in the Shaman Fight, Yoh and the others pretend that they don't care. As Millie starts to cry, Yoh states that they were just kidding and that they will help her find her Oracle Bell. Meanwhile, Hao and Opacho are watching Yoh and the others. As Mikihisa is seen sending a message bird somewhere, which Opacho tells to Hao, Hao then tells Opacho that he knew already and states that "they have finally made a move".

Meanwhile, Anna is seen asking Manta if he could take her to Mt. Osore, one of the three sacred mountains in Japan. Meanwhile, Yoh and the others are trying to find Krysler. Amidamaru then finds Krysler taking a bus and reports to Yoh. As no one has a clue on how to follow him, Ryu makes Billy come over by using his Over Soul "Big Thumb". As the bus falls from a cliff because he was trying to make the driver accelerate, Ren tells Billy to just drive off the same cliff but Ren will take care of the landing. As Krysler thinks he has lost Yoh and the others, Yoh and the others land safely and confront Krysler. As Horohoro and Lyserg attack Krysler, Millie confronts him and asks her Oracle Bell back. As Millie attacks Krysler, he is able to block her attack with the Oracle Bell, destroying it. As Krysler captures Millie as a hostage and asks Yoh and the others to hand over a new Oracle Bell, however Ellie shows up and then captures Krysler. As the other members of the Lily Five finally show up as well, Millie begins to start to cry over her cut in half Oracle Bell. just Then, Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants shows up and simply gives Millie a brand new one. however, As Sharona is surprised and comments if an Oracle Bell can just be replaced like that, however, Silva tells them that an Oracle Bell will only respond to the person it was given to. However, Silva points at "something" to drag the attention away from him. then he leaves the scene and takes Krysler with him. As the Lily Five and Yoh and the others are about to go their separate ways, Millie thanks, Yoh, and the others for helping her out. Yoh and the others then continue their journey to find Patch Village. Later on, Anna and Manta are seen arriving on Mt.Osore. As Anna states that "is going to do it now", she gives Manta a list of souvenirs, which he has to buy. Later on, the bird that Mikihisa sent has finally arrived at Yohmei place. Yohmei is then seen reading the message.

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