The Vampire Legend
Vampire Ambush



Kyūketsuki Densetsu

Japan Air Date

March 6, 2002

English Air Date

January 12, 2005



Opening Song

Northern Lights

Ending Song


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The Vampire Legend (吸血鬼伝説) is the 35th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Yoh and the others are wandering in town, Ryu takes off together with Tokageroh to watch a movie about vampires in the movie theater. As Tokageroh leaves the theater because he finds the movie way too scary, Ryu, however, gets attacked by Boris. Meanwhile, at night, entrance to the movie theater where Yoh and the others are is being blocked by the X-Laws. Sharona asks the X-Laws why, Marco tells her that its to prevent Hao from hurting people. Meanwhile as Yoh and the others find an unconscious Ryu, Ren starts to wonder if he was attacked by a Shaman. As Ellie and Millie show up, Ryu wakes up and attacks them all of a sudden, but Horohoro is able to stop him. Lyserg then states that someone who gets bitten by a vampire becomes a vampire himself. Lyserg then tells everyone about a novel he read called "Dracula" by bram stoker. however, Damayaji, the priest in the cathedral also tells Yoh and the others that "Dracula" was based upon a "real" person known as Vlad Dracula. Meanwhile, Yohmei tells Anna to deliver the Chō-Senjiryakketsu to Yoh and states that she had learned everything to the family had to offer. As Yoh and the others are wondering about what to do next, the vampire is seen receiving "powers" from Damayaji. As Lyserg decides to go outside and finds the X-Laws, he talks with Marco about their goal to defeat Hao.

Meanwhile, at the cathedral, Ryu has broken out of the ice and attacks Horohoro. After Ryu has bitten Horohoro, he turns into his normal self and doesn't know anything about his actions anymore, shocking Yoh and the others. As Horohoro then turns into a vampire and attacks Yoh and the others, Lyserg shows up and stops him with his pendulum. As Lyserg wants to perform his strongest attack on Horohoro, Yoh and the others stop him and save Horohoro. As Yoh furiously asks Lyserg is he was planning to kill Horohoro, Lyserg answers that he was because if he let him alive, everyone could have been turned into a vampire and if so, they would never be able to defeat Hao. Meanwhile, Ellie and Millie are ambushed by Damayaji and later on the vampire who reveals himself as Boris. As Damayaji asks Boris if he should kill the little one first, however, Boris stabs Damayaji in the back while stating that he was just a mere weak human and disintegrated him into dust. however, As Yoh and the others show up. they confront Boris, however, Ren stating that he is one of Hao's followers. As Lyserg blindly attacks Boris, Boris is able to dodge the attack while stating that Lyserg's angry heart is full of openings, then he bites Lyserg.

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