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The Torture Brothers (拷問兄弟 Gōmon Kyōdai) are fictional characters in the Shaman King manga and anime series. The two are Jiang Shi under the control of the Tao Family. Their names are Kinbaku-Johtoh and Taibatsu-Johtoh.


The two brothers were originally a jail warden and an executioner during the Qing dynasty. They know all of the torture methods in the whole history of China. After being turned into Jiang Shi their bodies were modified to allow their arms to be replaced with all kinds of torture tools and they have an electric generator inside their bodies allowing for the use of electric tools such as drills.

They were made responsible for the dungeons in the Tao Family compound and torture anyone who tries to escape it. When Asakura Yoh went to save the imprisoned Tao Ren and Tao Jun, the brothers would blocked their escape but were defeated by a single attack from Yoh and Ren.[1]

At an unknown point, Yúan would rebuild their destroyed bodies, and years later they, alongside other Jiang Shis, were used to save Jun from an attack by the Dong Clan.[2]


Kinbaku-Johtoh (緊縛上等 Kinbaku-Jōtō, lit. "First-Class Shackler") is the older of the two brothers. He is made of several corpses and is the shorter of the pair, being 2.30 meters tall. One of his hands has been replaced by a chainsaw. Due to his evil personality, he likes to torture people slowly, bit by bit.[3] When confronting Yoh and Ren in the dungeons, Kinbaku wields a pair of wooden torture horses as melee weapons.[1]


Taibatsu-Johtoh (体罰上等 Taibatsu-Jōtō, lit. "First-Class Flogger") is the younger of the two brothers. Like Kinbaku, his body is made of several corpses and he is the taller of the two, being 3.90 meters tall. One of his hands has been replaced with a rotating saw and he carries a spiked ball in a chain wrapped around his wrist in his other hand.[1] Due to his cruel personality, he likes to scratch and cut people.[4]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

In the original release of the manga series, neither brother had their hands replaced with weapons, while in the Kang Zeng Bang Extra Files they were shown having their hands replaced with tools.

The 2001 anime series would change the scene where they appear and instead of showing up when Yoh and Ren were leaving the dungeons, they already appear when Yoh enters the dungeons and were quickly defeated by Yoh alone before he arrives at Ren and Jun´s cell.



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