Two People’s Journey to the Best Place
Road Trip



Besuto Pureisu Futari Tabi

Japan Air Date

October 24, 2001

English Air Date

October 23, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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Two People’s Journey to the Best Place (ベストプレイス二人旅) is the 17th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Manta wakes up in the hospital and heads for the room where Yoh is, Yoh gets angry at Manta and then breaks their friendship. As Manta can't believe what Yoh said and runs away crying, Anna states to Yoh that she didn't know that Yoh was able to say things that "aren't in his heart". While Yoh, Anna and Amidamaru travel somewhere, Yoh tells that he always thought that everything would be alright, but last time he almost lost his dream, life, and his best friend. Later on, Manta is seen walking home from school depressed. As Manta passes Yoh's abandoned house, he gets mad at himself for what happened. just Then Ryu, who was about to visit Yoh, shows up. After Manta tells Ryu the full story, they decide to go and find Yoh. As Manta remembers that Yoh was from Izumo, they plan on going there. As the two of them take off, a suspicious red car is seen following them. 

Meanwhile, Yoh and Anna are walking in the woods as they get ambushed by some spirits. As Yoh uses Over Soul, he is able to cut them up. Then Yoh's grandfather shows up, Yohmei. As Yoh tells his grandfather about what happened and that he wants to get stronger very soon, his grandfather tells him that there is a way to increase his Furyoku but the training that Yoh's done so far can't compare to it. Yohmei then tells Yoh that if he fails, he dies. Meanwhile, Ryu and Manta are underway. As the two of them take a break at a service area, they talk about how much Manta wants to see Yoh and Ryu states that with Yoh, "is the place where Manta belongs". As they walk outside and Ryu notices the red car, he orders Manta to buy something for on the road. As Ryu walks into the bushes, he gets attacked by Ellie and Millie. As they attack Ryu with their Over Soul, Ryu finds out that they are Shamans and even states that the fight has just begun. Ryu is then seen defeating Ellie and Millie, revealing that Ryu might have become a Shaman. Mikihisa then appears and states that Ryu did a good job. As Mikihisa tells Ryu that his sleeve is ripped, it's revealed that Ryu has an Oracle Bell. 

Meanwhile, after Yoh was meditating under a waterfall, he heads for the place where he has to do his training. As they take a boat to a hole, Yohmei tells him that if Yoh can make it out of Yomi's hole, his Furyoku will increase a lot. Yohmei also tells that the hole has only one entrance and exit, there is no sound and Yoh will get swallowed by the darkness. As Yohmei states that it will take seven days to reach the exit, Yoh states that when he comes out of Yomi's hole, he wants to eat something delicious together. Anna, Amidamaru, and Yohmei then stare at Yoh while he walks inside Yomi's hole. 

Then, a pink haired mysterious girl shows stating to two spirits that the two people who will bring Yoh misfortune, are coming closer. As the spirits ask what they are like, she tells them that there is a tall one and a little one. Suggesting that she means Ellie and Millie. The spirits then state that they will destroy them.

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