"Neutral, that's all."

Personally, I'm on the fuzzy side of how I got here. I think it was google images.

In any case, after watching the Shaman King anime way back in the days of when it was on FoxBox (I didn't think it was too bad then... maybe I've gotten more discerning with what I watch now...), Shonen Jump showed up.

So, I picked up the Viz English manga editions (sporadically), I thought - hey, I really like this series. (Even though they were terribly inconsistent with names - which I think it's worse than a terrible romanization sometimes, though I didn't really mind when they elected to go with a romanization closer to the Japanese one toward the end, like when they went from "Minnie" to "Meene", but now I'm rambling.) It's too bad it's unfinished (what a teaser you be, Funbari no Uta) ... oh, wait, then 2009 happened and there was Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang and it was awesome!

Also, I think this guy is awesome and would totally read a side story about him.

(And then there was Shaman King Remix Tracks and Shaman King Flowers and those were cute, but it's Shaman King Zero pulled me right back in. I think volumes 26 and 27 are my favourites - Lady Sati, Yohken, and Matamune!

Thus, it lead briefly to a period of reading Butsu Zone because of Anna, or her prototype, and really liking Saigan Sati because she's an expy of Sachi. And getting here! And overusing ellipses (those '...') because when I talk I tend to trail off and ramble.)

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