aka Eliskuya Michael Thūrwolf

  • I live in Hong,Kong China
  • I was born on March 17
  • My occupation is |A Father|Researcher|Fighter|Engineer|Inventor|Traveler|soon to be a Let's Retro Player of YouTube|
  • I am Male

Welcome to my user page. If you need any help, want to talk, or leave a message on my talk page

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Jun Tao

Greetings users from ages and all genders of all are alike. allow me to introduce myself. I am Eliskūya (produced as El-lis-kūh-yuh), Michael Thūrwolf. (pronounce They-wolve, as you will see how to pronounce it sooner or later).but you can always address me as "Elis" if you want too. and I love to enjoy helping others if they need help with anything and also I love help around, I almost forgot to say. I'm very helpful with Japanese pictures. if you want me to translate some for you. just leave a comment on my page. and I'll try to land a hand or two. to help you :). also, I'm heavy taking breaks here and now offend. so no need to worry about me. :D, so drop a comment on my page. I'll be sure to help out. and also I may do some things if you need something from, ask nicely and I'll do it for you. but if you ask rudely. and I'll ignore you completely or a day or two.I'm very sorry, that's how life is and also I am very good with things, come to think of it. it's just easy

  • Playing: replaying Shaman king MoS1 and 2 while recollecting guardian spirits 
    • Mood: calm
    • Doing: Puting Kanji in profiles while fixing major things in profiles

Untranslated Extras

translated Extras

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