aka Pee , Emperor, Peelaugh, Pilaf

  • I live in Your closet.
  • My occupation is being Emperor, School, Reading both Manga, and books, Watching Anime and Cartoons
  • I am the Eternal Dragon, State your Wish. And obviously I'm a male dragon
Intro Background copy 1

My fave character, Manta

Shaman King Anime 2

Hi! I usually am on Dragon Ball Wiki, so that's were u can find me, but i will be on this wiki 2!!! =D

My favorite Shaman King CharactersEdit

  1. Manta- he's so short and funny and makes alot of weird faces and is cowardly but easily maddend, thats why i like him
  2. Amidamaru- he's really cool and strong and i like how unlike the other main characters he's a ghost and he's a samurai thats why i like him
  3. Yoh- he's the main character and is really cool since he's a shaman and all
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