Shaman King Wiki

Hello, i am Gojita.

I have been around this website for some time and is currently creating, cleaning, and adding to basicly all the articles there is here. I have most recently become the admin of this site. If there is any trouble i will be kind and fair to both sides, but if things gets out of line i will judge with an Iron Fist.

For now there is no rules about warning and violations of the articles so i will put it plainly here until then. Three strikes and i will block you for an unknown period of time depending on the reason for the warnings.

My main goal for working with this wikia is to create a better alternative for wikipedia, who seems to currently have barely nothing about the shaman king series.

Untranslated Extras[]

Theese were all uploaded by meo-chan and have not yet been translated. I would like to ask anyone with knowledge of the japanese language to look them through and post what you can get out of it, on my talk page. Please try to keep the information you get organized so that it is easier to sort out.