Hikaruyami-having fun*

  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is Caretaker
  • I am Female

About Me Edit

Hi everyone,I really like Shaman King,I watch it all the way to the end,I even recorded some,I got six cards and gave my sister Zeke,Len,and Mati,while I kept Yoh,Lyserg,and Lola,and I own and beaten Shaman King:Power of Spirit.My favorite male character is Lyserg Diethel and my favorite female is Meril Inugami and my favorite ghost is Chloe.I made up a shaman girl name Kitten Nya,a girl who Morty has a crush on and owns two spirits from both her families,Eatos,a female eagle from her American mom,who is a member of the Dobie Tribe and dauther of Goldva,and Kamimi,her nekomata kitten that her Japanese dad let her pick near the woods to be her partner,which is also her medium for Eatos and all three of them are good friends.

Kitten NyaEdit

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