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Battle of Orochi

Yuki vs Orochi

My Name is Paul Dy. I am a High School Student and a fan of Monsters and Gundam and I am a Christian.

Legend of YukiEdit

Yuki was Paul Gekko's Shaman after the attack of Yamata no Orochi.

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Fuma ShimizuEdit

Fuma Shimizu
Fuma Shimizu (2019)
Japanese Name: 清水ふま
Romanized Name: Shimizu Fuma
English Name: Johnathan Shimizu
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Mega Man ZX Shippuden
Affiliations: Asakura Yoh
Occupations: Shaman
High School Student
Epithet: Mr. Epic (by Paul Gekko)
Japanese VA: N/A
English VA: Paul Dy
Furyoku Level: 9100
Guardian Ghosts
Japanese Name: Kuzuryu
English Name: Kuzuryu
Meaning: "Nine Headed Dragon"
Type: Seirei Class
Japanese Name: Spirit of Rain
English Name: Spirit of Rain
Meaning: n/a
Type: Kami Class
Fuma Shimizu is the descendant of the Yuki Clan. He was born during the Heian era. In the Modern Era, Fuma Shimizu is helping Paul Gekko defeat the Eggman Empire and preventing Dr. Eggman from conquering the world.


Fuma Shimizu is a tall slender man with black hair and gray eyes. He wears a bluish-purple colored sleeveless uniform resembling the clothing worn by ninjas in popular media that shows the kanji for the first character of his codename (飛 - Hi) imprinted in red on the upper left of his chest, shin and wrist wraps, and a loose, metallic belt over a red sash. Sometimes he is seen wearing a red scarf that he uses to mask the lower portion of his face.


Fuma is silent and stoic.


Early LifeEdit

During the Heian era, Fuma Shimizu is born as the special heir to the Yuki Clan. He has inherited the Kuzuryu, his ghost guardian that his clan have worshiped for countless eons when he was young. He is dedicated to serving under the Yuki Clan. In the Meiju Era, he entered service to Emperor Meiji as his personal bodyguard. In World War II, Fuma was forced to head to the United States of America to have better life and a better family.

Modern LifeEdit

Years have passed, Fuma was at peace with his family. Fuma and Paul Gekko met and became friends. But a power hungry Dr. Eggman tried to take over the world with the help of Asakura Hao. Hao knew that Fuma carries the Spirit of Rain, the mythical spirit capable of bringing to California and the Spirit of Fire acts as its arch-rival. Hao reminded Fuma of Eggman's destiny to become the Shaman King. But that destiny can only be found in Eggman's attempt to create his own empire. Hao told Fuma to stop Eggman from taking over the world and help him to win the Shaman Fight in exchange of helping Paul Gekko and Hao get stronger which he agreed.


  • Fuma Shimizu's counterpart share the similarities with the Descendant of the Yuki Clan.

Paul GekkoEdit

Paul Gekko (2019)

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