Paul Dy

aka Paul Dy

  • I live in Los Angeles
  • I was born on July 15
  • My occupation is NVOC Student
  • I am Male
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[[File:Battle_of_Orochi.png|thumb|400px|Yuki vs Orochi]]
[[File:Battle_of_Orochi.png|thumb|400px|Yuki vs Orochi]]
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==Fuma Shimizu==
==Fuma Shimizu==
{{Char box|backcolor = 000000
|textcolor = FFFFFF
|name = Fuma Shimizu
|image = Fuma Shimizu (2019).png
|jname = 清水ふま
|rname = Great Hero
|ename = Ryuki Shimizu
}}Fuma Shimizu is the descendant of the Yuki Clan.

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Battle of Orochi

Yuki vs Orochi

My Name is Paul Dy. I am a High School Student and a fan of Monsters and Gundam and I am a Christian.

Legend of Yuki

Yuki was Paul Gekko's Shaman after the attack of Yamata no Orochi.

My favorite pages

Fuma Shimizu

Fuma Shimizu
Fuma Shimizu (2019).png
Japanese Name: 清水ふま
Romanized Name: Great Hero
English Name: Ryuki Shimizu
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Occupations: {{{ocupation}}}
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Japanese VA: {{{jva}}}
English VA: {{{eva}}}
{{{devil fruit}}}
Fuma Shimizu is the descendant of the Yuki Clan.

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