Aviantei- an Shamn King Fanfiction

This is the story of the battle to become Shaman King. This is a story that will change things. This is the story of the one the elements call “Aviantei.” And with this, that story begins…

Part 1: Of the Flames

As the fires burned around him, Hao vaguely wondered what he was doing. He had no reason to be here, this fire was not his concern. He moved a shock of raven black hair away from his auburn eyes and continued to scan his surroundings.

The flames were making it hard to decipher one form hidden in the flames from the next. When he saw a figure that held its shape, he headed towards it. Reaching it, he stopped. This hadn’t been what he was expecting.

Lying at Hao’s feet was a young girl.

Hao Asakura was young, but not inexperienced. He was a shaman, able to control the spirits of the dead. He was very skilled at his profession, too. Who could tell what life he was on?

At the moment, he was what most would call the tender age of six. Hao found that description humorous.

Then again, most people didn’t have nearly a thousand years of life behind them at the age of six.

Hao knelt down beside the girl. She had to be close to his age. He slowly reached out and shook her. Her eyes fluttered open and Hao was met with a deep brown gaze.

“Hello,” he greeted.

“Hello,” she replied, her words Chinese.

Hao winced. Of course she would speak Chinese, this was China. In his defense, he hadn’t been expecting to have to speak with anyone; he was headed towards England anyway. Stupid!

“Who are you?” he slowly asked, making sure every word was right. His memory of the language was shaky.

“If you want me to speak Japanese, I will,” the girl replied, as if she could sense his discomfort.

“That would be appreciated, but-” Hao began to object.

“No worries. I’m readily fluent in both languages.” Hao was impressed. She had transcended the barrier with ease.

He decided to dismiss his initial question and move on to a different topic. “I could quell the flames if you want,” he offered.

“So could I,” she informed,” but I want it to burn. It’s not like the flames will cause me any harm.”

The comment made Hao smile. “So you’re a shaman, I presume.”


“And an onmyoji at that,” he continued, using the word used to describe a shaman who dealt with the spirits of nature.

“Yes. By the look on your face and the fact that you went through the flames without being harmed, I assume you are as well,” she reasoned.

“That I am.”

She smiled. “What are the chances? Two shamans of the same specialty meeting in a place like this?” She paused to take a look at him. “What is someone your age doing in the wastelands of China? Don’t you have parents? Aren’t they worried?”

Hao realized that this girl was very curious. This was admirable, seeing that her thirst for knowledge would probably never end, but in the long run it was most likely to cause problems. But there was something about this girl that made lying to her seem pointless. She appeared as if she could see right through him.

“Of course I have parents,” he finally answered. “They just don’t particularly like me.” That was the truth. Knowing what he was, his parents had attempted to kill him at birth. If it hadn’t been for his spirit ally, he never would have survived.

“Oh,” she commented, her eyes showing a particular feeling of sadness. Hao took a deeper look behind those eyes. Despite her sadness, there was a strong fire burning within them.

I must have this girl, he mused.

“I guess that makes us both orphans, then.”

Did she just say…?

“You don’t mean…”

“Yes. This fire ended my parents’ lives.”

“But… If you’re an onmyoji, then surely your parents were, too. It’s only logical,” Hao objected.

“Come now. What’s the only way an onmyoji can be harmed by fire?”

Hao knew what it was. For an onmyoji to be harmed by the elements, another onmyoji was required to turn the elements against them.

“Who did it? And why didn’t they kill you? What’s the point of leaving the child to suffer?” Hao couldn’t help but wonder what was making him say these things. Throughout his lives, he had caused his fair share of suffering. Of course there’s always… He shook his head free of the memories of his original life. There was no time to think of that now. There wasn’t any point to it either.

“I know who did it,” the girl stated. “The attack was unexpected, so I wasn’t able to react quickly enough to kill him. And he left me alive so I would suffer.” Her eyes had hardened. “Of course, I will kill him,” she stated.

Hao couldn’t help but be surprised at her level of determination. After all, she was only six. Then again, so was he at this point…

“I’m sorry.”

“Huh?” Hao hadn’t been expecting that.

“I said I’m sorry. I’ve been prattling my entire life to you, and you don’t even know my name. I’m Lon Ivy. Nice to meet you.” She gave a quick bow.

“My name is Hao Asakura, at your service,” he replied. Hao thought about what he wanted to say next. He couldn’t see any reason why not to.

“Would you like to go on a journey with me…Aviantei?”

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