Shaman Fight occur once each 500 years. This page list important events that is known during each SF

Before the first Shaman Fight

In anime Egypt team claim that the first shaman came from Egypt [1]. At unknown year, Grey Saucer crash into Patch Village and was treated by the shamans. He then taught Patch about the Oracle Bell. Rutherfor question if Shaman Fight were started by aliens to observe human[2]

Shaman Fight 1500 BC

According to Hao the first Shaman King was born in the [3] but it is unknown if he meant to born as literal or figuratively coronated as the Shaman King. But if it was literal then the God with fin might be the winner of that time.

Shaman Fight 1000 BC

Winnter: Possibly Zeus (middle figure in G8)

Shaman Fight 500 BC

Winner: Someone from Gandhara tribe, possibly Sidharta Gautama [4]

Shaman Fight year 0

Winnter: Possibly Jesus Christ

Shaman Fight 500 AC

Shaman Fight 1000 AC

Asakura Hao Enter Shaman Fight during this era and were killed in it. Pascal Avaf met Gandhara tribe and asked to join them but killed by Hao [4]

Shaman Fight 1500 AC

Winner: YVS
Faust ancestor, John Faust was in this era of SF and made contact with the devil Mephisto[5]. Hao reborn as Patch Tribe member, to steal Spirit of Fire, and eventually lose to Asakura Yohken. At unknown point he met YVS who participate in this tournament and later win it [6] The Patch Tribe that oversee this SF ended up convert into YVS's Knight Templar before Hao become the next Shaman King.

Shaman Fight 2000 AC

Winner: Hao
The Shaman Fight that happen in Shaman King


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