Magiblue11 Magiblue11 6 September 2018

Shaman King Role Player Wanted-VERY URGENT

Hello my name is Megan-I am a SHamAN kING fan like yourself. I have some questions if you will be kind to answer and also an idea to share.

A. What is your favorite episode (s)

B. Do you know the characters very well?

C. DO you know how to role play?

D. Have you seen both sub and dub?

E. Have you read the manga?

F. If you know how to role play-what style? Script or Paragraph

I am asking these questions because I am seeking somebody to role play an awesome Shaman King idea with me and I know you have a life outside the net and your own schedule, if you can spare time here and there on my idea, if your interested, and/or know somebody who is a big shaman king fan and likes to play, I would very much appreciate it. Also along with playing, I would …

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