Hello my name is Megan-I am a SHamAN kING fan like yourself. I have some questions if you will be kind to answer and also an idea to share.

A. What is your favorite episode (s)

B. Do you know the characters very well?

C. DO you know how to role play?

D. Have you seen both sub and dub?

E. Have you read the manga?

F. If you know how to role play-what style? Script or Paragraph

I am asking these questions because I am seeking somebody to role play an awesome Shaman King idea with me and I know you have a life outside the net and your own schedule, if you can spare time here and there on my idea, if your interested, and/or know somebody who is a big shaman king fan and likes to play, I would very much appreciate it. Also along with playing, I would like to build a good friendship as fellow artists and dreamers.

Here is my idea for the SHaman King RP based on the anime :)

Summary: Diamond is a young shaman from Europe who grew up in a foster family that took her in when they found her during their travels. Her foster family owns and operates a circus and she is the star of the show. On the day of her 15th birthday she decides to venture from home to search for her real family which leads her to Japan. While there she befriends with Rio who offers to take her to Tokyo, yet soon she is attacked by mysterious enemies who work for a shady organization who are after her and have a key to her past. She possesses the legendary Beast Bracelet in which when she collects the legendary Beasts (Four guardians like in Chinese and japanese mythology) she can possess the power of the elements. Soon she and her new friends are in for an adventure of a lifetime to uncover the mysteries of an ancient civilization that holds a great treasure, defeat the organization who wishes to bring chaos to the world and uncover Diamond’s past.

Pretty sweet huh? Also Diamond is a rookie shaman and she becomes Rio’s protege as she looks up to him as Aniki (Big brother). Also Diamond has a unique ability to talk to animals and has some spirits of her own-A tiger and a monkey, yet soon she begins to get more when she and her friends journey to find the legendary beasts.


+ Must know the characters well

+ Must know the show/manga Well (Seen every episode (English and Japanese with subs) and read the manga)

+ Flexible hours

+ Knows how to role play and puts lots of detail, emotion, etc in it

+ Accepts OCS (And has some interesting OCS that MIGHT flex into the story-If you have a Shaman King OC or whatnot)

+ Has interesting ideas to spice up the story. Anyway its all about having fun and embracing the love of Shaman by making our own adventures.

Now the requirements may have changed somewhat or can be changed to befit both sides if needed and also the main point is having fun and letting your imagination run wild. :)

Also if you don't know how to role play-I'd be happy to teach you.

I know you all have your busy schedules, lives and whatnot and so do I-BUT for awhile or sometimes or when you got free time here and there, if any of you out there are willing to put your time into something awesome

You know where to find me :3


I am on deviantart. You are also free to message me here too if you wish to rp here or email.

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