Usui Lycan
Usui Lycan
Japanese Name: 碓氷リカン
Romanized Name: Usui Rikan
English Name: Oyaji
First Appearance: Chapter 183(Manga)
Affiliations: Ainu Tribe
Occupations: Shaman
Inn Caretaker
Epithet: Oyaji(親父)
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: n/a
Furyoku Level: 5,660
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Gororo
English Name: Gororo
Meaning: n/a
Type: Nature Spirit

Usui Lycan (碓氷リカン, Usui Rikan) is a fictional character in the manga series of Shaman King. He is part of the Ainu Tribe and the father of Usui Horokeu and Usui Pirica, and is commonly referred to as "Oyaji".


He has long wavy black hair and a large black beard. He wears grey and black tribal robes with traditional Ainu symbols and patterns.


Lycan is Horohoro and Usui Pirica's father, but heavily believes that once they leave their home, he is no longer responsible for their well being, though he still kept a watch over his son when it could affect the entire family.

Like the rest of Ainu Tribe, he disapproved of his son's relationship with Kurobe Tamiko. Despite this, he still allows his son to have a single leisure day with her, knowing that he would most likely never experience it again.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit


See More: Gororo

Gororo is and oversized Koropokkoru, who, because of his size has been shunned by the other Koropokkorus. Like all other Koropokkoru, he carries a small Butterbur.

He has a massive Reiyoku level and is able to knock out "Big Guy" Bill Burton with one hit.



Lycan originates from Hokkaido, Japan. and was born on September 27, 1956.

Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit

Lycan first appeared together with Kalim of the Ten Patch Officiants and his daughter Pirica, watching his son, preparing to fight Bill Burton and Brocken Meyer, in order to protect the Icemen.[2] He had been called there by his daughter who was concerned for the safety of her big brother. Kalim told him that even though he was the officiant responsible for Horohoro he could not interfere as it was not an official fight, but Lycan could interfere if he wanted, something Pirica begged him to, believing that Horohoro would otherwise die. However, Lycan just brushes it off and leaves, saying that since Horohoro has left home, he was on his own. When Kalim reasons that Horohoro would most likely meet his own death and ask why he came if he didn't want to help out, Lycan explains that he was only there because Pirica begged him.

He then suddenly appears next to the broken boat, to the surprise of Bill, and breaks of pieces of the boat and says that he wants to leave the island. He suddenly stands on a raft floating away on the sea. Bill calls for him to wait and proclaims that although he is weaker than him he seems pretty strong. Lycan only replies by saying that he is an office worker. Bill calls it a great waste and attacked him in order to give Asakura Hao another soul, but was defeated with one blow from Gororo. He then tells him that "The strong feed upon the weak" does not mean "give up and leave the island."[3]

Invading the PlantsEdit

It is later revealed that during his travels on the sea, he had somehow been captured by Oyamada Mansumi fleet of ships and kept in one of them guarded by Hans Reiheit and Amano Teruko.[4]

He was later seen together with the Asakura Family and Tao Family preparing a barbecue on the beach. When Anahol Pokki says that he does not wish to participate as he has no business with them, Lycan suddenly appears out of the water with a large Tuna in his hand saying that good food is the source of energy and has Anahol compliment him for a good catch.[5] He is complimented by Pirica whom he tells that, today they will broil it. He was last seen sitting together with Pircka on the beach preparing the fish and hearing Anna reading the Furyoku levels of their kids.[6]

He later appeared on the Soul Train inside the Great Spirit together with Pirica and Apollo.[7]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit


  • His nickname, Oyaji(meaning old man) is a pun on the Japanese way of addressing old men, or one's father, with disrespect.


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