The Visionz are a series of five images released in the back of the Kang Zeng Bang manga volumes, showing the full appearance of the Five Elemental Warriors as they appear in the Funbari no Uta, with the added page containing a shadow image of them together with a poem.



"Usui Horokeu"

Earth's slumber
The dream someone had yesterday
Look at the bank where tears were shed
Flowers are blooming

"Chocolove McDonell"

Now, several years later
For the wounded souls
For the friends coming back
At the very least, a reward

"Lyserg Diethel"

The words are not enough
The feelings are too heavy
The doubts may dissapear
But you won't forget them

"Tao Ren"

Even if you can't see your path because it's dark and misty
Even if it is far far away
Just keep walking
And you will find it someday.

"Asakura Yoh"

Now before the break of day
The story is going to be finished
But the song has no end
And this is for you