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Waiting Samurai (待つサムライ) is the 2nd episode of the anime series of Shaman King.


As Yoh and Manta hang out at the hill, Yoh tells Manta that he came to Tokyo to find himself a powerful guardian ghost. As Yoh asks Amidamaru to join him, he refuses and tells him that he has no intention of leaving the hill. Afterward, Manta tells Yoh about Amidamaru's legend. It is said that Amidamaru killed thousands of people and was nicknamed "the monster". But Yoh is determined to make Amidamaru his guardian ghost because it's only a legend and when Yoh used Hyoi Gattai with Amidamaru it felt "warm" inside. Meanwhile at night at the hill, a spirit asks Amidamaru about why he refused to join Yoh. Amidamaru tells him that he is waiting for someone. Meanwhile, downtown, Ryu is seen made fun of because of his bad haircut, caused by Yoh's attack.

Later on, in order to get to know more about Amidamaru's past, Yoh and Manta visit the Funbari Local Museum where Amidamaru's old sword, was rusted Harusame, is being displayed. Yoh and Manta decide to spend the night waiting at Harusame's display, as the keeper tells them that the sword can be heard crying at night. later that night The boys find out that it's not the sword, but a spirit is crying over Harusame. The spirit is named Mosuke, a swordsmith. Mosuke tells them that he was the one who forged the sword and that he is Amidamaru's best friend. Then Mosuke tells them about 600 years ago after he and Amidamaru earned themselves work under the daimyo, later on at night Amidamaru was ordered to kill his best friend, but he refused it. Back at the hill at night. Amidamaru told Mosuke to run away, but Mosuke wanted to give Amidamaru the Harusame as a final gift. The two promised each other to be on the hill the same night. But someone was spying on them and reported to the daimyo. Therefore Amidamaru has killed them all before dying from exhaustion. Mosuke can't rest in peace until he gives Harusame to his best friend Amidamaru. Yoh then gives Mosuke the opportunity to use his body to bring the sword to the hill. where Amidamaru was waiting as well. While in Yoh's body, Mosuke forges the newest Harusame. 

Later on, Yoh and Manta give the new Harusame to Amidamaru. Who can barely believe that it really is Harusame, but realizes that Mosuke is the only one who could have forged the sword, so it had to be Harusame without any doubt. Yoh then delivers a message to Amidamaru from Mosuke saying: "sorry to you keep you waiting", and Yoh says that Mosuke has passed on now because he could not bring himself to meet Amidamaru after letting him wait for so long. Yoh then leaves the sword at Amidamaru's gravestone and together with Manta, he leaves the hill. As Amidamaru passes on they bumped into Ryu again, who wants to avenge himself for his messed up hairstyle. Ryu attacks Yoh and Manta multiple times with his wooden sword but they get saved by Amadimaru, who came back and then he Hyoi-Gattai with Yoh. Yoh then blocks Ryu's attack and beats him yet again.

Later on, after Yoh, thanks Amidamaru for helping him out, later Amidamaru changes of heart and decides to team up with Yoh and becomes his guardian ghost.

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