Yamada Douma
Yamada douma
Japanese Name: 山田 道茉
Romanized Name: Yamada Douma
English Name:
First Appearance: Zero Chapter 6 (Manga)
Occupations: Onmyōji
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: n/a
Furyoku Level: n/a
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name:
English Name:

Yamada Douma (山田 道茉, Yamada Dōma) is a fictional character in the manga series of Shaman King Zero.



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He and Hamo Tadatomo were rivals as Onmyōji. Douma used to be the head Onmyōji for the Emperor until Tadatomo defeated him. After that, Douma has been seeking a way to get revenge on Tadatomo every year during the Oni extermination ceremony before the Emperor. However, Tadatomo always beat Douma.

After Mappa Douji becomes Tadatomo's apprentice, Tadatomo's other apprentice Daitaro becomes jealous and decides to help Douma, but only so that if he can beat Douma's Chimimoryo, Tadatomo will be impressed with him. Unknown to Daitaro, Douma and Tadatomo have been working together. On the night of the Oni extermination ceremony, the Chimimoryo appears and Daitaro tries to beat it. But Tadatomo stabs Daitaro and calls the boy an Oni. Tadatomo tells Mappa Douji that Daitaro is actually a human shikigami that he and Douma created through their experiments.

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