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Yellow Whip (イエローウィップ Ierō Uippu) is the spirit of a Scorpion and the Guardian Ghost of Nichrom of the Ten Patch Officiants


It is the Guardian Spirit of the Patch Tribe of Nichrom of the Ten Patch Officiants, and it is one of his two Guardian Spirits, the latter, Purple Kick being the one of his dead brother Chrom. Like any other scorpion, it is able to inject venom into its victim and its tail can be extended.

Oversouls and Attacks[]

O.S. Yellow Whip[]

O.S. Yellow Whip

O.S. Yellow Whip (O.S. イエローウィップ)

Description: The Oversoul creates a small beige scorpion body on Nichrom's right arm. The tail is able to extend itself to unknown lengths allowing Nichrom to attack the opponent with its poisonous sting from many ranges. The pincers also allow Nichrom to grab and disable an opponent's weapon and in combination with the tail, he can simultaneously attack and defend.[2]Like a real scorpion, Nichrom can use the stinger to inject poison into his opponent. The poison will slowly kill the opponent and will remain within their body as long as Nichrom is still alive.


Dreaming Needle

  • Dreaming Needle (夢見る針ドリーミンニードル Dorīmin Nīdoru): Nichrom firstly immobilizes the opponent using the scorpion pincers and then subsequently attacks using the sting, injecting poison into them. The deadly poison running through the opponent's veins gradually kills them, remaining within their body as long as Nichrom is still alive.[3]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Yellow Whip in the anime

In the anime, Nichrom's Over Soul is shown only as a long red scorpion stinger.[4]



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